Surveillance cameras in the city and fixing violations on the roads are necessary and useful. In an interview with RTVI said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, adding that he pays fines for speeding.

Speaking about concerns that surveillance cameras will track people and after the lifting of restrictions, Peskov stressed that these assumptions are absurd. The camera worked until the coronavirus, helping to find criminals, and the roads of video system help to identify violations.

"Yes, we pay the fines, I myself am a motorist, he is paying the fines and curses when they cry", – declared the representative of the Kremlin.

However, people die has become smaller, the statistics of deaths on the roads in Moscow shows a significant reduction.

London 20 years ago was completely put under surveillance, compared Sands:

"And that’s okay". So let the critics this raises some concerns, "let them gnawing from the inside, and we all right," he said. If in this sphere there are problems, they will discuss, but we shouldn’t assume the worst. "Let’s think about what these cameras bring very much benefit", – said the representative of the Kremlin.