the Governor and the government of the Samara region, pay special attention to the SEZ “Togliatti” as an anchor project for the development of investment attractiveness of the region.

Today we see that, in accordance with the contractual obligations of the first and second area of the special economic zone completed by almost 70 percent. And we are already beginning to develop approaches to creation of infrastructure in the third stage. Transport accessibility economic zone “Togliatti” will soon greatly improved. Route Tolyatti-Yagodnoye transport corridor “Europe-Western China”- the implementation of these projects will add value to the area. And today we see significant interest from investors in this area, noted during his working visit Viktor Kudryashov.

Recall that the decree on the establishment of SEZ “Togliatti” was signed by the government of the Russian Federation in 2010. In August 2014 launched the first enterprise “Nobel automotive RUSIA”, which specializiruetsya in the production of automotive components. Currently in the SEZ “Togliatti” is registered for 25 residents from eight countries: Russia, USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Serbia. To date, residents have created 1300 jobs, and the amount of taxes paid to budgets of all levels, is about 1.7 billion. Revenue of companies in the last two years, increasing by 40 percent annually.

In June of this year, the resolution of the RF Government on expansion of borders of city district of Togliatti. According to the document, a special economic zone included within the borders of towns. Previously, the investment area was part of the Stavropol district of Samara region. After joining the Tolyatti SEZ residents are available to new measures of support: co-financing of construction (reconstruction) of the infrastructure necessary for the implementation of new investment projects in single-industry towns, the provision of loans from five to 250 million rubles at zero percent, and over 250 million to one billion rubles under five percent per annum.

For residents of the SEZ act and other preferences. They are exempt from paying value added tax and customs duties. They are provided with the right of redemption of land and free access to energy and other benefits. Therefore, the SEZ come new investors. So, in April 2020, launched production company “Forest automotive solutions.” It is engaged in the creation and operation of automotive seats and components. Until 2025, the company intends to create 513 new jobs and to invest in the project 410 million rubles. It is assumed that one of the key clients of the company will be AVTOVAZ.

As noted by the Minister of economic development and investment Samara about��Asti Dmitry Bogdanov, the SEZ “Togliatti” continues to evolve.

– Further development of the platform contributes to the implementation of major infrastructure projects such as the reconstruction of the road Togliatti – Berry and the construction of a bridge across the Volga near Klimovka. Also within the borders of a special economic zone is building a railway line and an industrial Park. Comprehensive support to investors in “one window” renders the Agency on investment attraction of the Samara region, – said Dmitry Bogdanov.


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