a Large piece of amber oval weight 1 218 grams mined in the quarry of the Kaliningrad amber factory.

the Nugget, established on the enterprise tradition, was named. It was called “Paratrooper”, as it was produced August 3, immediately after the Day of the airborne troops of Russia.

Nuggets are all called amber formations, the weight of which exceeds pounds. As reported in the press service of the plant, this is the seventh in the current season of the nugget. Last year they found 18.

Previous solar stone weighing about 1265 grams, was found in Primorsky career in July, on the eve of Day of the Navy. He got the name “Navy”.

Year the plant began production of the “Winner” – the stone got the name thanks to the geological figure, similar to the crown, and became a symbol of the future victory over the coronavirus.

Another amber champion this year, was found in eve of the day of medical worker, was given the name “Hippocrates”. And in Day of Russia produced three of the nugget, named the “Russian-2020”, “Russia-2020” and “Antranik”.

All the extracted nuggets to be evaluated of the Gokhran of Russia. The most valuable are sent to the state Fund. Of the specimens passed into the collection of the plant, the rest are put up for auction.