In the Samara region innovative startups can get support

Regional Venture Fund invested in startup kyubi (QB), which provides a comprehensive solution for storage of things. At the request of the client, the service selects a team and the transport, photographs, packs, delivers and keeps in the warm and safe warehouse.

Three good reasons why we have invested and believe in the startup kyubi: market, team, traction, – said the Director of the management company Venture Fund of the Samara region SEO YellowRockets Sergey Bogdanov. – The market for personal storage is growing in Russia and the kyubi has all chances to become one of the market leaders. We really like the team working on this startup. They show results, funds received from investments are used wisely.

the Volume of regional Venture Fund of 100 million rubles. That’s how much money he will invest in startups companies to 2024. The essence of venture investment is to contribute to the growth of the business by providing a certain amount of cash in exchange for a share or block of shares.

Venture Fund of the Samara region will invest up to 20 million rubles in early-stage startups working in the B2B market and have a strong team. Another criterion for the selection of projects is the potential turnover of the company four or five years it should reach at least 300 million rubles. The decision to invest in the project made by the investment Committee, which consists of independent experts, private investors and representatives of venture funds, as well as the management company of the Fund.

To date the Fund has approved investment of more than 30 million rubles. By 2025, its volume, according to the plans of the management company, will grow to 500 million rubles. A business that implements its projects with the support of the Fund will deduct not less than 57 million rubles of tax payments to the budget of the region.

Venture Fund invests not only in Samara innovative projects and startups in other regions and even countries. However, in order to obtain this support, inoriginally companies must register their business on the territory of Samara region.

– Innovative design – is risky business. Of the dozen projects successfully is just one, realizing these risks, the region has taken the responsibility to support innovative startups through investment in venture capital Fund – said the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov.

In General, cooperation with investors and business support in the Samara region is given special attention. So, with the business at all stages of projects implementation on the system of “one window” works Agency for attraction of investments.