After Nils Kaben’s much-discussed TV interview with Toni Kroos, the footballer is now following up on the ZDF reporter. In his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen”, the Real Madrid star explains why he simply broke off the conversation after the Champions League final.

Toni Kroos follows up against the ZDF reporter after the aborted TV interview with Nils Kaben. In his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” with his brother Felix, the footballer said about the much-discussed scene after winning the Champions League final with Real Madrid: “I just found this approach far too little emphatic in such a special moment. And of course that didn’t go down well with me in the emotional moment either.”

Kroos angrily canceled the live interview on ZDF immediately after the game against Liverpool. Kaben had asked the midfielder about the inferiority in the final. Kroos reacted angrily: “You now had 90 minutes to think about sensible questions. And now you’re asking me two shitty questions like this. I think that’s crazy!”

After that, Kroos simply left the journalist with the words “very bad, honestly”. The 32-year-old now says: “Perhaps the word ‘shit question’ could have been left out, perhaps it could have been left with ‘dirty question’.”

He goes on to explain: “I found the content difficult. And I’m really the last one to answer non-critical questions. You know that. I later said myself that I don’t think we were the better team in any of the knockout rounds.” The Royals looked like the losers against Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, but in the end they each sat down thanks to a strong one mentality performance through.

“And I certainly wouldn’t have stood up and said we dominated Liverpool for 90 minutes either. I also don’t expect to be celebrated for three minutes by the reporter. If I had wanted to be celebrated, I would have passed my colleague, 50 meters further was the Real Madrid fan curve, there was enough opportunity to be celebrated,” Kroos continued.

The footballer even wanted to invite Kaben to the podcast. But this did not happen. “Yesterday I was still considering whether we should put that aside, whether we might invite my colleague here so that we can discuss it again. However, this thought is followed quite quickly when I saw that he is also the first to give an interview now. And Da says, as a player, you shouldn’t behave like that…”

Kaben had spoken extensively in “Spiegel” about his view of the situation. There he self-critically admits mistakes in an interview, but in conversation with colleagues he also came to the conclusion “that a player shouldn’t behave like that.”

That didn’t go down well with Kroos. “I think: If you want to clear it out of the world, you discuss it. After the interview, I didn’t say much more. But then you don’t choose the path of giving the interview yourself and wanting to defend yourself. You can do that right away, I would have been very, very open about it.”

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