the Number recovered from a new coronavirus infection in the army and Navy constantly increasing. It is important that this trend continues for quite a long time – almost two months.

According to the July 14, which will be published in a special Bulletin on the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, only for the last day in the Armed forces after the treatment recovered 92 troops.

the Total number of people who got rid of a dangerous virus infection, starting in March reached the army and Navy 7706 people. In addition, 23428 members of the Armed forces withdrew from medical control.

However, of 1206 people pertaining to the army and that the test results for coronavirus was positive, are under control of doctors. 931 patients are lying in military hospitals. 48 people isolated by location. Another 26 are in civilian hospitals and clinics. 201 isolated at home.

the Bulletin notes that, in multidisciplinary centres built by the Ministry of defence in 15 regions of the country, medical care is provided to more than two thousand patients, 387 of whom was a civilian. They get specialized help. This applies to both diagnosis and surgical treatment of a broad spectrum of pathologies. Of course, victims of coronavirus infection among them.