To do this in 74 regions of Russia sent in advance of the special teams, which included representatives of military schools, institutes and academies, as well as specialists of group of professional psychological selection and physical training. Their place of work temporarily became the military regions, territories and republics. “Young men and women who decided to enter higher military educational institutions were informed about the time of the entrance examinations scheduled from July 15 to August 5, and specialists of these field groups together with employees of military commissariats will conduct tests to determine vocational and psychological fitness, the health of future applicants and physical fitness”, – said the newspaper “Red star”.

Each visiting group will be to select candidates for admission in all the universities of the defense Ministry. Date of admission is determined taking into account the schedule of unified state examination and the epidemiological situation in a specific region of the country. Military this year will try to solve two main tasks: perform personnel for future officers and, most importantly, to ensure the health of the students. For this purpose the disinfection of premises, surrender of physical exercise in the public arena, the implementation of mandatory thermometry and compliance with social distance.

“Preparation for professional selection was carried out as planned, starting in September 2019, according to the defense Ministry. As for military schools there have focused on interaction with military registration and enlistment offices and individual work with students. For them, in particular, organized an online consultation on the procedure for admission to military schools, which used the websites of educational institutions.

an Important detail. Of more than 40 thousand applicants to study 38 thousand graduates of schools, colleges and vocational schools. More than 1,300 children have graduated from the Suvorov and Nakhimov military school and the corps. Over four thousand candidates applied for admission to universities from the troops.

the defense Ministry reminded that professional selection in the military College includes verification of secondary-level students – entrance test and exam results, and determining the physical readiness for such a study and service, and the medical Commission. “You can be eminent in the field of science, master of sports, and completely healthy, ready for their data even to fly into space, but their psychological qualities not to comply with the officer calling,” – said the Agency.

Special requirements for Fizeau because physical training of military personnel is the key to combat capability of the army. Guys will take the exam on three exercises: pull-UPS, run 100 meters �� 3 kilometers. For girls entrance test is too easy: the tilt of the body forward, running the 100 meters and kilometers. The final grade will put on the amount of points received for completing all exercises.

the defense Ministry said that the candidates with secondary vocational education, who decided to take entrance tests conducted by the military institution itself, but also graduates of Suvorov and cadet schools for professional selection will cause to the school. This will happen from July 25 to August 10.

In the same period, admissions of military schools, focusing on the results of the mobile groups, the results of passing candidates exam and individual achievements of our students, will form a competitive list of applicants for study. On their basis, decisions will be made with the recommendation for training or failure. August 15 candidates successfully passed the selection, will be to enroll in military schools. Their service there will begin with military training in the training centers of universities. Academic year in military educational institutions will begin as usual September 1.

Those who do not pass the competitive tests of universities, the military must notify.

According to the defense Ministry, this year the highest competition for admission is expected in the Novosibirsk higher military command school, Military Academy of aerospace defense named after Marshal of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov (Tver), Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov (Saint Petersburg), as well as the guards in the Ryazan higher airborne school named after army General V. F. Margelov. Compared to previous years seriously increased the competition and naval universities.

In nine educational institutions of the defense will score the girls students. They will be able to study at the Military Academy of radiation, chemical and biological defense Marshal of the Soviet Union S. K. Timoshenko (Kostroma); Krasnodar higher military aviation school named after Hero of the Soviet Union A. K. Serov, the Military Academy of aerospace defense named after Marshal of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov (Tver); Military Institute (naval Polytechnic) VUNTS Navy “naval Academy named after Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union N. G. Kuznetsov” (St.-Petersburg) and its branch in Kaliningrad. They will also provide a place in the Military Academy of strategic Missile forces named after Peter the Great (Moscow region, Balashikha), Military Academy of telecommunications named after Marshal Budenny of Russia (Saint-Petersburg), Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov (Saint Petersburg) and the Military University of the Ministry of defense (Moscow).

Training in military schools lasts 4-5 years. In addition, the number of educational institutions of the defense Ministry are preparing military personnel for programs withNatalia Vasilyeva in great special training. The training period there is 2 years and 10 months. These graduates receive a diploma of secondary vocational education qualification in accordance with the chosen military specialty. They assign the rank of “warrant officer” or “Sergeant of contract service.”