In the Arkhangelsk region produced unique large diamond

the field named after V. Grib in the Mezen district of Pomerania got an exclusive gem-quality diamonds weight from 50.36 carats.

according to the regional government, it is the second largest diamond found since the beginning of the year in the North field. Precious crystal has a special transparency. The first unique diamond 2020 weight 86,46 carats produced in January.

In 2019, the field was brought in 11 unusual size and beauty of diamonds weighing over 50 carats each. The largest of them received names of prominent Northern geologists. To extract such crystals from the depths without damage allow innovative technology for the enrichment of kimberlites. In just the last year in Pomerania diamonds produced in excess of 4.7 million carats.

Diamond mine named after V. Grib is the only one in the European part of Russia. The size of the stocks it ranks fourth in the country and seventh in the world.