How to return the money in case of violation of terms of delivery

If you cancel the order the buyer does not intend to require its delivery should also be in writing. All correspondence with the shop needs to be fixed. The only way in the future, if necessary, to prove his innocence.

“Late” delivery – a reason to demand full compensation of losses. This right of the consumer. “In the case of violation of terms of delivery of the goods the seller shall pay to purchaser for each day of delay the penalty (fines) at a rate of 0.5% of the amount of the provisional payment. The penalty shall be recovered from the date when the goods should have been delivered to the buyer prior to the date of transfer of the goods to the consumer or to the date of satisfaction of the requirements of the consumer about the return of pre-paid amount,” – said Alexey Gavrishev mechanism.

the size of the penalty may not exceed the price paid goods. The decision to return paid for the goods amount and the full amount of losses the store must accept within 10 days from the date of the claim.

however, the claim of the buyer financial compensation may be rejected. It will happen in that case, if it is proved that the timing of delivery of the order was violated due to force majeure or force majeure.