– the Situation in the city remains stable, and given the costs incurred by the economy, we will start gently loosen constraints with increasing demands to the performance of the rules of CPS – reported Razvozhaev.

the city will continue to operate on high alert, will continue a special procedure of entry and other measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But since June 1, residents of Sevastopol allowed to walk on the embankments, in parks and other city areas. It is recommended to maintain social distance, with the exception of family members and of people living together.

Open summer areas of cafes and restaurants, but will continue to operate a ban on banquets and events.

you Can carry passengers on recreational craft and yachts to rent them at the travel and personal purposes.

will Resume fitness centers and sports clubs subject to the requirements of the CPS. Groups must be based four square meters of hall space for one visitor, the equipment must be arranged with the observance of a distance not less than 1.5 meters, use PPE, and handle hands. Allowed to hold sports competitions in team games and sports without spectators.

it is Also allowed to open private educational organizations, to conduct the ceremony in the registry office with a limit of ten people.

In this case, before 15 June extended the ban on holding a mass entertainment, cultural and sports activities, as well as visits to nature reserves, forests, natural parks due to the introduction of special fire-prevention mode.

Also on June 1 at three checkpoints will begin testing on COVID-19 people coming from other regions. After this you need to be on isolation until the results. This will not send all the Observatory.