it is Expected that the decree trump will facilitate regulate the Internet industry and the US public authorities and private individuals the procedure of bringing to responsibility of owners of social networks, which artificially restrict the distributed user information. It is assumed that the threat of prosecution will be supported by and economic leverage – the right of state agencies to break with the representatives of the IT sector commercial, including advertising contracts.

Although the exact content of the decree is not disclosed, from a legal point of view, the initiative of the US administration looks very contradictory, say commentators. Thus, the American civil liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union) has already said that such a move would violate the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution that limits the involvement of authorities in regulation of social and media platforms.

However, few people deny that a significant part of the IT industry in anticipation of the November presidential elections in the United States actually sided with the American liberal media, the leading real information war against trump and constantly accusing him of lying and other sins. The latter returned the favor and reciprocate, regularly hanging the label of “fake news” on their opponents in the mainstream media.

recently frustrated by the decision of Twitter to mark its publication of fraud when voting by mail as potentially false the White house openly threatened to “adjust” or even “close” the social network. They are, in his opinion, abuse of political censorship and muzzle the conservative part of American society – the foundations of electoral support of the incumbent President of the United States.

“Republicans believe that social media platforms completely drowning out the voices of conservatives. We will strictly regulate them or close them, before we can allow this to happen in the future” – trump wrote in comments to the decision of Twitter.

Despite the fact that in this social network, the American leader has more than 80 million subscribers, his threat seeking to be reelected President of the United States will keep. After all other option in terms of increasing its supporters information and political pressure trump remains.

the news from the White house shares Big Tech conglomerate representing the Internet industry of American companies – dived sharply down. Thus, the capitalization of Twitter shrank 3 percent, and Facebook (FB) is almost 1.5.

it is Noteworthy that the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg is the first of his colleagues realized: seriously “hairy”. And, although earlier he “ran ahead of the locomotive” in the fight against spreading fakes accounts, emphatically distanced himself from politics antithrombosis Twitter. Ininterviews to close to the Republican party, Fox News, Zuckerberg said that the online platform “should not be the arbiters of truth,” and private companies should not interfere in ongoing in the network discussion. However, how these twists will help the company Zuckerberg to protect yourself from to the American social initiatives Donald trump remains a big question.