President Vladimir Putin has established the commemorative medal for the contribution in organizing the all-Russian campaign of mutual support “We are together”, launched during the struggle with the coronavirus. Appropriate published order on Internet portal legal information.

“to Establish a commemorative medal “For selfless contribution to the organization of the all-Russian program of mutual assistance “#Myvote”, — stated in the document.

the Manufacture of medals, boxes and capsules, as indicated in the order, will be engaged FGUP the Center “Russian crafts” the office of the President. The manufacture and supply of blank certificates to commemorative medals will be engaged FGUP Izdatelstvo “Izvestiya”, follows from the document.

the Awards will be presented to the organizers and participants on behalf of the President, and the order of presentation will determine the Federal Agency for youth Affairs.

the Action “We are together” was launched on March 21, it was organized by the platform Russian popular front (onf) and a number of volunteer organizations. The aim of the campaign is to support the elderly, disabled people and medical personnel during a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. According to the website of the campaign, the ranks of volunteers joined more than 117 thousand people, and received assistance almost 3 million people.