the Finance Ministry is discussing with the UK the largest private banks the possibility of raising taxes for the richest citizens of the country, reports Reuters, citing sources. According to their information, the Department is also considering the possibility of attracting wealthy Englishmen to the allocation of funds to provide government aid packages in connection with the coronavirus.

Officials are looking for options to replenish depleted state coffers, the Agency said a senior banker.

according to Reuters, due additional expenses and reduction of taxes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this fiscal year the UK will get the budget deficit in the amount of 133 billion pounds ($167,46 billion).

Interviewed by the Agency’s economists believe that the government could replenish the Treasury by raising taxes on savings and capital gains, the value added tax (VAT) or property tax.

Some bankers believe that the British government is keen to encourage wealthy businessmen to buy government bonds or invest in startups.

“the Government controls all aspects of the tax system. Leaving the current crisis, we will assess the economy and public finances, and to take appropriate decisions,” — said the representative of the UK Treasury.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, UK the number of cases COVID-19 is in fourth place in the world. Today the country revealed 292 854 cases of coronavirus infection, including 41 364 cases have been fatal.