the Corresponding decision was accepted the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev after the transfer in the regional property, about 200 apartments in multi-storey building on Antonova street in Penza. The keys will be given to the specialists of the priority regional industries.

– Several apartments through the Ministry of sports will get by visiting and local professional trainers, whose pupils have shown good results. Through the Ministry of culture a few apartments will be allocated for theater artists, culture workers, teachers, who could work on the development of the industry. You must also provide housing for professionals in IT-sphere, – said Ivan Belozertsev.

the apartments will be reserved for maneuvering the Foundation of the mayoralty of Penza. The need has increased in connection with the resettlement of dilapidated and emergency housing.

Relevant departments before the end of the week you have to define the lists and to start the paperwork for the transfer of housing.

Previously, the first seven doctors working in Penza clinical hospital named after G. A. Zakharyin, have already received keys from new apartments in microdistrict “Pure ponds”. Here, at the expense of the budget of region acquired 30 apartments that will give under service housing medical institutions.

Providing health workers square meters is one of the mechanisms of reduction of shortage of specialists in the industry. Terms of service housing health worker prescribed in the decree of the government of Penza region № 379 from 1 July 2019 “On approval of the procedure of provision of service premises included in a special housing Fund of the Penza region”.

In June to the Legislative Assembly of the region, the Governor also introduced a bill under which health workers a number of specialties will be entitled to receive land free of charge. The deputies approved the bill unanimously.

As explained in the government of the Penza region, the land can be used for construction or for maintaining personal subsidiary plots. The list of professionals who will be able to take advantage of benefits, have formed a regional Ministry of health taking into account the real needs on the ground. It included all districts, and each with its own set of scarce specialists. Basically, this ultrasound diagnosticians, therapists, midwives. The right to benefits received as doctors and nurses. The allocation of the site will take into account the principle of means testing. The main condition is that health care providers must live in the municipality where I work.

Ivan Belozertsev, the Governor of the Penza region:

– for many years our health workers it was not possible to obtain accommodation on such conditions. This injustice myou did. A young professional or already an experienced, but their homes don’t have to get it. This is very important. Health workers should live and work in a comfortable environment. The apartment can be accessed by any doctor, regardless of age, work experience, specialty. The main criterion – the needs in housing. In the industry there is a shortage of personnel. I am confident that the new regional support measure, along with the already existing, will allow us to solve the problem in the coming years.