Residents of Moscow will be free to take the PCR test for coronavirus as of July 16, including testing, will be able to pass the children, said the operational headquarters of the Moscow anti-coronavirus with reference to the Deputy mayor of the city Anastasia Rakov.

“the Mayor of Moscow, it was decided that tomorrow everyone to be PCR-study of coronavirus infection can do it for free. To do this, we open the items in the 207 clinics – just doing this project on a large scale, so the citizens had more opportunities to pass the test. We also opened the first free testing for coronavirus for children. 45 children’s clinics will be designated for the treatment rooms,” said Rakova.

In the sit room said that for the test you need to have a passport and medical insurance. Upon entering, patients will measure the temperature, they will be asked to wear a mask, gloves and Shoe covers. The staff said that since may 27, Muscovites are free to take the test for antibodies to the coronavirus.