As found “Kommersant”, the head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko said that the government should begin the resumption of international flights from the CIS countries. Flights in foreign countries offered to open individually depending on the epidemiological situation. Kommersant’s sources in the industry say that the permission to fly in the near abroad will not have a material impact on the revenues of the airlines — summer will still be unprofitable. The experts admit that the communication with foreign countries may be closed until late summer or even longer.Deputy Minister of transport, the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko sent to the CPS and the office of the Vice-Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova letter, which proposes a phased removal of restrictions on international flights, starting with CIS countries. This was told “Kommersant” several sources in the industry. Flights to other countries, mister Neradko offers to open depending on the epidemiological situation in them. The source “” in Rosaviation confirmed the existence of the letter. Officially the Agency not comment on the situation.The Secretariat Tatyana Golikova said that the operational headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of novel coronavirus infection has instructed the foreign Ministry, Federal air transport Agency and the CPS to consider possible opening of flights: “the Issue is under consideration. Decision on resumption of international flights will be taken symmetrically, with the agreements of Russia with other countries, based on the epidemiological situation”. In the CPS and the airlines has not responded to “Kommersant”.Kommersant’s source in one of the companies believes that the appeal of the Federal air transport Agency is unlikely to lead to immediate consequences. “In the existing scheme of decision-making in the government the head of Federal air transport Agency could not make the decision to open international flights. It adopts the operational headquarters. In this case, the appeal of Alexander Neradko like a formality — he is responsible for aviation, therefore, had somehow to provide the government with any position,”— says the source “b” in another airline.Interlocutors “” in airlines doubt that the opening of communications with the CIS countries dramatically affect the loading of the fleet. The most promising areas of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan thanks to labor migrants. Recall that in Georgia in 2008 is not included in the CIS and direct flights between Russia and Georgia since the summer of 2019 continues to be stopped.”To open flights to Europe would be much more logical — the incidence in European countries today has fallen to a few dozen people a day, which is considerably lower than in the CIS. Another question — will there to take Russian tourist��s,”— says one of the interlocutors “Kommersant”. However, another source of “Kommersant” I am confident that any lifting of restrictions will have a positive impact on the industry. “Sales for July are going, but at this price, that to go into profit by the end of summer still has not come out. And CIS will not save the situation. Anyone who has the money, the trip this summer due to the pandemic does not expect”,— says another source “b”.There is another problem: in foreign countries not to wait for the Russians. The EU, the opening of the border from 1 July, according to The New York Times, is not ready to accept visitors from Russia, USA and Brazil.Head Infomost Boris Rybak believes that as Russia continues to remain one of the world leaders in the number of cases of coronavirus, and traffic, apparently, is scheduled to open on the principle of reciprocity, “the decision about opening international flights this year will be outside of the country.” He agrees that international flights to CIS may be required, but will not fix the overall picture in the industry. The expert added that there is a possibility of international connections to Russia will be closed until late summer or even for a longer period.Herman Kostryns’ka