to Simplify the procedure of withdrawal of the property with the state cadastre (CCU) offers government bill, which began to consider the State Duma.

As explained by experts of the Federal cadastral chamber, one of the important changes is the expansion of the list of categories of applicants that may apply for the provision of public services accounting and registration areas. So, for example, a person who has inherited a ruined garden house, will be able to immediately remove it from the cadastral register. But only if such house is contained in the Unified state register of real estate (egrn).

Yet under the law the heir must first become the owner of such property, and then remove it from the register. Soon this absurd situation will be rectified.

Also the statement of withdrawal from the CCU of the property and termination of ownership rights to the defunct property can be submitted by the owner of the land, if owned the real estate, the legal entity was liquidated or in the event of death who owned these objects in the physical entity.

a statement on the state cadastral accounting and registration of rights can submit the copyright owner of land plots in lifetime inheritable possession or permanent (perpetual) use, the division or consolidation of such sites.

the Owners of premises in an apartment house will be able to personally or through authorized by the General meeting to apply for state registration of a share in the common property.

Another important innovation – the possibility of removal from the cadastral registration of premises and Parking spaces in the building according to his owner without the provision of certificates of inspection.