German tennis star Alexander Zverev’s former girlfriend Olga Sharypova, who last week accused him of domestic violence, continues to make shocking claims about their relationship, alleging that she was also ’emotionally abused’.

In an interview with tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg, the 23-year-old said that constant arguments were an inseparable part of their relationship with some of them snowballing into real fights.

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Former tennis player Sharypova repeated again that  Zverev physically abused her despite Zverev’s official statement where he called the allegations “unfounded” and “simply not true.

The first time was in Monaco in his apartment,” she said. “I was going to leave because we had a really big fight. I was standing in the hallway, and he hit my head into the wall,” Sharypova said.

He said I hit him first, he was saying he didn’t do it, he’d never done it. I was just, ‘What? I’m on the floor, what are you talking about?’ Am I out of my mind or what? This was the first situation,” she added.

According to Zverev’s ex-girlfriend their 13-month affair was “toxic” where physical violence was mixed up with “emotional abuse.”

Zarypova said she was constantly humiliated by Zverev, who she said always wanted to show his superiority and made her feel dismal.

It was really hard. He was pretty toxic, telling me terrible things, saying ‘You’re nobody,’ saying, ‘You didn’t earn anything in this life. I’m a successful person, I earn money – but you’re nobody,’” she said.

I didn’t have time for a life. One of the biggest reasons for our fights was that I wasn’t giving him all the attention he wanted,” Sharypova added.

Sharypova added that she doesn’t plan to seek any criminal or civil justice, but wants simply to “say the truth” about Zverev, who denies all allegations voiced by his former partner.