Housing and communal services will rise from 1 July by 2.4-6.5% depending on the region. More than housing prices can grow in the North Caucasus: the Chechen Republic, the threshold increase is 6.5%, in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic – 5.4%, in Dagestan – 5.2 per cent. Significantly (5%) may increase the tariffs in Buryatia, Yakutia, Omsk region and Moscow. The lowest growth rates expected in the Nenets Autonomous district – in the range of 2.4%.

Installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of electricity metering devices will be conducted at the expense of energy companies – guaranteeing suppliers in multifamily companies in the case of private houses, cottages, and legal entities. From 1 July the electricity metering devices will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the energy companies. As explained in the Ministry of energy, citizens need only to monitor the safety of the meters.

Since July 1, the right to impose a tax on professional income in all regions. Now in the experiment – it started in 2019 – involved only 23 in the region of 85. According to the Finance Ministry, more than 741 thousand taxpayers become self-employed. Join the experiment or not, the regions decide on their own. For this, they need to change the regional legislation. Self-employed pay 4% of income received from working with individuals, and 6% – on income from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Other mandatory payments, as there is no reporting and pension contributions. On behalf of the President of age to register as self-employed is to be reduced from 18 to 16 years.

From 1 July in the Federal register of persons with disabilities must be placed and vehicle information managed by or carrying a disabled person. Thus the markings “Disabled” to no longer be issued and received prior to the end of the year will become invalid. As explained in the Ministry, until January 1, 2021 persons with disabilities or their legal representatives to qualify for free Parking must apply to the Pension Fund on the introduction of the vehicle in registry. This can be done through the portal of public Services, as well as appearing in person at the IFC or the FIU. The law also stipulates that all Parking for General use shall be allocated not less than 10% preferential places, the right of which are invalids I and II groups, invalids of the III group in the presence of one of the degrees of restriction in movement, but also the drivers who transport people with disabilities.

From July 1 to receive payments and public services to provide a certificate of disability is not required. Now the necessary information will be requested by authorized bodies in the order of interdepartmental electronic interaction, as well as from the Federal registry of persons with disabilities. On a similar scheme from March 1, temporarily, for the duration of the pandemic, by correspondence reexamination invalidnostI. It will simplify the application for benefits for people with disabilities. Before after reassignment disability pensions were delayed up to two months, because people had to collect their own documents, write an application to the FIU Foundation, which sent a request to the Bureau of medical-social examination and was waiting for confirmation.

income, is obligatory for civil servants and deputies, employees of public foundations, corporations and candidates for these positions on July 1 will be filled only by using special software “help BC”. This service is available on the official website of the President of Russia. Such certificates are required to complete 2 million, explained in the Ministry of labor. “Help Bq” will automatically check the correctness of filling of fields of the document, it will store the previously completed reference and up-to-date. This year’s deadline extended to August 1.

From July 1, pensioners, guardians and caregivers of young children – will resume indexation of insurance pensions. Previously, due to the fact that they are parenting under the contract, and get rewarded for it, they are equated to working pensioners. Therefore, the pension is not indexed. Now compulsory pension insurance they will not apply, and they will annually index the amount of the insurance pension and a fixed payout to her. According to preliminary estimates, the indexation of pensions will cover 45,8 thousands of foster parents.

Until July 1, banks should complete the translation of pensioners on the card “the World”. However, the Bank of Russia decided before October 1, not to punish the banks, if it turns out that someone from their customer they continue to transfer pensions to cards of international payment systems. Therefore, those who have not yet received the card “the World”, will be able to use the old Visa and MasterCard for another three months, provided that the validity period has not expired. July 1 ends the period during which the Bank of Russia recommended that banks accept expired cards.

From 1 July in Russia marking footwear is mandatory. From this date a ban on the manufacture and import, wholesale and retail sale of these products without a special Data Matrix codes. To test the legality of the goods, the buyers can on their own – in the application of “Honest sign”. Enough to bring the smartphone to the code and count information. All information on goods movement will be transmitted to the system digital marking “Honest sign”. Both will be able to trace the path of each pair of shoes from the manufacturer to the buyer, excluding from the chain of counterfeit products. The labelling of footwear, made or acquired before 1 July before 1 September in the presence of the documents confirming the period of acquisition.

In Russia, 27 July there is a new object of intellectual property rights – geographical indication. Regional producers entitled to use a geographical indication to protect their products, will be able to enter domestic and international markets. They will be protected from different kinds of fakes. Until now, the Russian regional products could legitimize its geographical uniqueness just as the appellation of origin of goods (AOO). This involves a very complicated procedure of registration and makes it hard and sometimes impossible demands. For example, “Circassian cheese” must be made exclusively from milk Adyghe and ripen in special baskets of plum twigs, etc. whereas 80% of Adygei cheese is produced outside of the Republic of Adygea. Now it is possible to register your unique goods produced in certain areas, as a geographical indication. It the procedure of registration of goods is simplified, and the manufacturers need only a confirmation that at least one stage of production is precisely in the area that indicated on the package.

Since July 1, once again tougher regulation of the market of microcrediting. For micro-credit companies (ICC, a small microfinance organization with simplified regulation) establishes the minimum size of own funds of 1 million rubles. ICC non-profit organisations are required to disclose on the Internet information about the structure and composition of its shareholders or members, including persons who control or significant influence of which they are located.

Since July 1, simplified procedure for access to electric networks for individuals, individual entrepreneurs, enterprises of small and average business. Reduced the number of stages of joining between the consumer and the network organization, shortened the technological connection to the network, and simplified the procedure of conclusion of contracts. Under the new rules, a network organization needs to fulfill its part of the process of providing access to electric networks of the applicant, regardless of the fulfillment of all technical conditions for accession. Also now you do not need to conclude a contract for technological connection. The network organisation is obliged to start work on grid connection for 10 days from the date of payment by the applicant of the fees charged by the network company.