So, according to the Minister, 2017 authorized banks issued preferential loans worth more than 1.7 trillion rubles. Of them “short” – for the sum about 1 trillion roubles, the investment – about 0.8 trillion roubles. Last year under the short-term lending agreements in the amount of more than 405 billion, with another 330 billion rubles signed agreements on preferential investment credits.

“Preferential short-term loans is especially relevant for farmers in the seasonal field work. In addition, subsidized lending contributes to the continuous activities of agricultural enterprises. In particular, in the current situation it is extremely popular tool. Therefore, we pay great attention to its availability,” – said Dmitry Patrushev.

According to him, special attention is paid to small farms. At the end of last year to support small businesses spent about 90 billion rubles of state funds. In addition, since last year is a Federal project “Creation of system of support of farmers and development of rural societies”, which in 2019 has allocated 5.4 billion. This allowed to involve in agribusiness for more than 24 thousand people, and the number of newly created small businesses exceeded 5 thousand units, which is three times more than budgeted in the project data sheet.