There is now only enough protective equipment such as gowns and masks for the next two to three weeks, informs the Danish Regions.

the Stock of certain protective equipment at the hospital store is critical. It is especially on coats and a certain type of masks, which right now is only enough in stock for the next two to three weeks.

It writes the Danish Regions in a press release.

– Currently the inventory of individual protective equipment at the facilities to be critical and is therefore working purchasing departments around the clock to ensure even more protection to the whole health system, writes the Danish Regions in the message.

under 400.000 masks of type FFP2 and FFP3 and about 650 000 gowns in stock for the moment. It shows figures from the Danish medicines agency and the regions from Tuesday.

– It is a constant risk that Denmark could potentially lack protective equipment. Therefore, we maintain both the level of purchases from our traditional suppliers and make all the time new agreements with large and small companies, ” says regionsformand Stephanie Lose (V).

Although the stock right now is low, there is a large number of protective equipment along the way.

According to the Danish medicines agency and the regions, there are about 12 million masks and approximately 13.5 million cats on the way to the hospitals.

the Danish Regions have created a working group to have overview of the protection equipment required.

The extra protection comes according to the working group’s chairman, Martin Magelund, rather than to the hospitals in cooperation with several Danish companies.

– We are in Denmark in the fierce competition with the rest of the world, and therefore we have cooperation with several major Danish companies established forsyningsgange, which we expect will be able to deliver large batches of protective equipment in the coming time, says Martin Magelund.

General ranks the hospitals current stock – without the things that are in the making – between two and six weeks.

in addition to the coats and FFP2 and FFP3 masks is it about the stocks of disinfection, gloves, visors and goggles, and surgical masks.