some media appeared unfair horoscopes, misleading citizens about developments in the context of the ongoing decline coronavirus confusion. It is necessary to familiarize interested persons with truthful coming from space picture of the future, caught with the use of new probes and devices for clairvoyance.

In our study, all of the garlic. Trouble, and even selfish intent unscientific pretenders are manifested in the promotion and the imposition of ignorant Fuckers such forecasts are speculative, and artificially divided the traditionally friendly signs of the heavenly bodies on the supposedly “European” and “East”, allegedly belonging to the Air, Earth, Fire and Water. But it is nonsense and nonsense. In life everything is mixed and inseparable as a strong non-alcoholic cocktails: from the conglomerate being not deduct any component. All together and slurred: sun, rain, pandemic, the vote — it is impossible to withdraw or opt for something unique. We must take the bulk and complex or do not take, and to take care of mental health and to draw information only from official sources.

Amendment. First of all will make adjustments in the approved, classic, traditionally offered in December 2019 and January 2020 predictions (some of them crept unfortunate, belatedly discovered typos): instead of the phrase “the year will bring” should read “in the coming century, probably”, instead of paragraphs, beginning and ending with assurances “waiting for undeniable achievements,” imply: “beware!”, the verb “plan” will add the particle “not”.

Scheduled for April-may-June a happy marriage and the marriage of Bulls, Rats, and Rams better to start it in January 2021-th — may 2030.

The same goes for career aspirations of Fishes, Cancers, and Aquarius. Monkeys, Horses and Goats it is more logical to postpone hopes for wage growth and successfully move through the ranks a year or two or three or four (or all five). By the way, signs, or otherwise associated with the element of Water, will generally gravitate to the desire to drown himself. To take such a hasty and extravagant steps are recommended: gradually the economic situation improves, banking will get better ventilation in the subway returned to normal, and to 2025-2026 years the minimum benefits and chronic unemployment in socially useful work will again reach historic highs. Fish, if you will fight on the ice consistently and persistently, even in the end get through not only the forehead, but encouraged the diploma of the Union.

Scorpions, and Dogs involved in the housing sector, will find a pleasant surprise: the service fees for the renovation of the premises, which was planned smoothly under��ive by 2024, will soar above the government strap a month later. The separate collection and removal of garbage promise (and bring!) in connection with the rejection of expensive garbage containers and packaging as such, as the impoverished electorate will not be able to pay even the reduced plastic bags, astronomy (not to be confused with astrology) dividends.

In a difficult situation will be doctors, if they are not the Dragons and Lions, and worse Twin. Their workload would be doubled (as probably already knew knowing how to count) 4 times, and even the 6.5 — despite the fact that material compensation for the done search for a vaccine uzhmetsya directly (or inversely) proportional to the number of recovered (according to rostovskoy of figures). Will be further cancellation of hospital beds, ward square, but on a permanent basis will continue to receive visitors outdoorsy field Park hospital in the fresh air.

Small business, sale of used cars and zakonchennyi rags in the face of individual its not until the total collapse of the bankrupt not discouraged representatives (Scales, Snakes, Cats), as always, will benefit prices will gallop (is there anyone who is not a Capricorn, nor the Boar, it is better to change your astrological identity), and the Forbes list will expand significantly due to the influx into it of petty criminals speculators (Rats and Dogs) and intermediaries (Buffalo).

the Attention of the killer-archers: you better take orders for the future and now and not to delay the execution. If suddenly the state border will open (if not open) and resume air and railway traffic between the two countries, the target can escape from the barrel, or removed to an unattainable distance.

Jupiter in the growing phase of the moon pushes for some Virgins and Goats beginning of a new (2021) year to November 2023 and predicts not illusions and not to buy a property and Christmas tree in advance. In a pinch you can get a mortgage or in the kennel on the cheap seedling and grooming in a bucket of compost. Just in time, when the burst frequency, and real frosty winter holiday, your pet will grow to the required parameters and will have a chance to repay the loan.

the First sekstilâ the fifth lunar day is favorable for intuitive heroism. Security forces (roosters, Tigers, Dragons) is waiting for fraternization and clashes with street protesters (Rams, Cats, Horses) and sharks of the underworld (Crabs, Scorpions) who are valiant guardians of law before a pandemic pause successfully pootrubali some of the seven goals. However, the amputated heads and Ryashko in the period of intensified struggle with the unauthorized walking without masks by pedestrians and connivance of muggings and burglaries — have time to regenerate itself.

In conclusion, we report mebezol��snye information about honey months, summer vacation, school exams, sports and cultural activities. Our honest horoscope advises optimistic as long as possible and take a closer look at the stars. And study the moon, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn do they own inferences and conclusions.


‘ Hello, please Popova.

— I’m on the phone.

— the priests, since you said your boss Kolesnikov.

— Laugh. You, Andrei?

— Since you said your supervisor Kolesnikov.

Come on, Andrei, I know you.

— speak to you very seriously.

— Dashing you get. Similar voice, very similar. Imitate successfully. Here is the fun.

— the priests, stop. I am with an important question.

Hilarious! As live? As a wife, children?

— the priests, I beg you not to fool around.

— Oh, no way! Oh, hold me. Tight, tight hold. A-ha-ha!

‘ In that case come and see me.

No, you can’t. Bursting with laughter, I swear to burst, die, just die.

— Stop it! I expect you in the office.

— In what office? In the pub, or what? In the tavern around the corner? I suppose there is Bob. And friends-drunks from the nearest gate. On the bottle, perhaps, not enough? So tell me: the money is for.

— I strongly warn you.

— there is no money? And never will be. Because I was deprived of wages.

— For your antics. Not giving you a penny. You lazy bugger.

— No, do not pull on the role of chief. No matter how hard. Neither was forged. Don’t pander. Better tell me when you can pay it back?

— Well, priests… My patience is not unlimited.

And mine.

— do Not intend to keep it that way.

— so shut up. Too busy with you with the talking. I work on the throat. The chief Kolesnikov — beast, you know… Beast.

— This too, I did not offend you.

— are You me? Well, remember well. How many times have you threw me. Silent, ashamed?

— Mr. Popov.

— There as a conspiracy… Or is it you, Bob? And I’m Andrei took. Why are you so unhappy, Bob? Call me, and the feeling that I woke you up. Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so early to bed.

— I stop the conversation.

— – good. I will not bother you. And I used three do not lie down. A great deal of work.

— Now the middle of the day!

you don’t say! I didn’t know. Well, start to work. And you-good. Sorry, had something important to report. At the service line.

— I’m listening carefully.

don’t worry, go to sleep. Bob, is that you? Or all the same Andrei?

— You’re fired!

— And I then ask, how are you? The money is not paid. You demand something. Disgusting I am. This Kolesnikov me from service wants to drive, constantly nagging. You, Bob, take Andrei, and podkaraulte monster… Yes I can. I TerYat nothing.