the Problem of regulation udalenka became one of the “government hour”, which discussed the support of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as employees.

coronavirus Pandemic will accelerate the process of change in labour legislation, the Minister said. “It is obvious that you need to make changes related to the legalization remote mode, the same udalenku,” – said Reshetnikov. He added that during a pandemic, “many had a taste of remote work, and not all are now ready to spend the time to get to work and back.”

As reported in “United Russia” deputies have prepared the relevant amendments to the Labor code that will protect the rights of remote workers. One of the authors of the bill, first Deputy Chairman of the faction Andrei Isayev said that it is supposed to regulate working hours and rest on remote. “Unless otherwise provided in the employment contract, the employee will be able to set your own schedule – he explained. – The company and employee will determine the schedule of interactions – when the employer can call or write to the messengers”.

If the boss will do it not in form or outside worker will be able to message not to respond, he said. “In the case of acute need – for example, an emergency situation employee may be required to work overtime, but only with his consent – and then it is to be paid later,” – said the MP.

the Amendments also commented Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev. He, in particular, said that the bill defines. In addition to the duration of the working day subject to regulation there is also the issue of compensation by the employer of expenses for the organization of jobs at home. Furthermore, will be spelled out remotely using electronic document flow and other issues. It is proposed that all documents – including sick leave – the management and staff could share remotely. In some cases – for example, in the provision of maternity leave – the registered mail.

“All of these changes should be discussed and the final version of to have the support of both the employees and employers”, – said Medvedev, quoted by the press service of the party. He expressed confidence that the new forms of employment and engagement of employer and employee in the future will only grow. In this regard, it is necessary to constantly improve labour legislation to protect the rights of working people. “Of course, we must do so, taking into account the opinion of workers and entrepreneurs who are employers”, – concluded Dmitry Medvedev.

the amendment of Trudovol code is scheduled for June, and now the expert assessment of the document give the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia and the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs.

during the “government hour” and discussed other important topics – first, the measures taken during the pandemic. In the affected industries employ over 6 million people, said the Minister. According to estimates by the MAYOR, the total amount of all measures to support citizens and businesses against the background of the pandemic already amounted to 3.3 trillion rubles. The decisions taken in the social sphere, helped to mitigate the decline in real disposable income, said Reshetnikov. As a result of a pandemic, they will be reduced by 6% in the second quarter of this year, expect the MAYOR. And next year, the MAYOR expects the restoration to income, and wages by about 3% in real terms.