Two weeks ago we held the first stage of the easing of restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus infection. To work returned more than 300 large industrial enterprises. We resumed the construction of housing, kindergartens, schools and other urban facilities.

at the same time we introduced a compulsory additional sanitary requirements for companies and passengers of public transport.

the result of this step did not lead to the deterioration of sanitary and epidemiological situation. On the contrary, the number of detected cases of infection with coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia continues to decline. After recovery from hospitals discharged more people than comes again to bed.

So since June 1, 2020, we begin the second phase of easing restrictions, which will resume work many enterprises of trade and sphere of services, and the residents of the city, albeit with restrictions, but will be able to go for walks.

1. Two months millions of people were forced to spend at home all or almost all the time. Nine weeks of self-isolation became an ordeal, but were not in vain. Thousands of saved lives – relatives, friends, neighbours and work colleagues – it was worth to be patient and to stay home.

it is still early to abolish the regime of self-isolation, but the time has come when we can afford regularly to fresh air.

Monday city residents, including the elderly over 65 years of age and citizens with chronic diseases can get out of the house for walks and sports.

with the exception of “the Charge” for free visits will be reopened the city’s parks and green spaces.

of Course, the increase in the number of people on the streets and in parks increases the risk of infection with coronavirus. To prevent this, it will allow a mask mode and set certain rules walking. The rides in the parks will not work. Children’s playgrounds will also remain closed.

more Details in a separate post.

2. From June 1, 2020 will be re-opened car dealerships and food stores – from small outlets to hypermarkets.

In showrooms and stores must be created conditions for social distancing and provided increased disinfection.

Customers and staff should use masks and gloves.

3. be Permitted to resume work of multiservisas, receiving stations dry cleaners, laundries, repair shops of clothes and shoes, and to provide other household services that do not require prolonged contact between workers and clients. Safety requirements – the same as in stores.

4. Resume fair weekend. Probably the first ands they will be open on Friday, June 5, 2020

ensuring that trade and part of the services, I sincerely want to thank the employees of these organizations for the discipline and understanding that you have survived two months of closed doors.

a special thank you for the prompt change to remote format, due to which millions of Muscovites receives the necessary goods and services from the comfort of home.

Please keep a distance format and then, because the mode of limitation of social contacts will operate still for some time, and many customers still prefer to place orders online.

5. fully earns the city bike rental.

since April 10, the city bikes were only the staff of courier services. Within 45 days of the hire they made 260 thousand trips, bringing the Muscovites products and other commodities.

Monday 1 June 2020 to take the bicycles will be able to attend. The only condition required to use gloves or after the end of the rental to be disinfected, steering, handles, brakes and other bike parts that you touched with your hands. The best is to do both.

And, of course, regular disinfection of the bikes will ensure the operator of city bike rental.

6. reducing the burden on the health care system allows to significantly increase the provision of routine medical care.

In the coming weeks about 5 thousand beds in city and Federal hospitals, temporarily converted for the treatment COVID-19 will be returned to normal operation.

Admission for scheduled patients will be conducted in compliance with the maximum precautions. The first few days, patients will be placed in individual observation chambers and to receive the full course of surveys on coronavirus infection. Planned treatment will begin only after getting negative tests.

While keeping a sufficient stock of coronavirus beds, which can be used in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation.

7. In their offices to return workers architectural and design offices, which are indispensable for proper functioning of the construction industry.

But those workers who can effectively work on “udalenke” should keep this format.

8. And, finally, another opening will occur in this great sport.

the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union plans to resume the championship RPL from 21 June Similar plans a gradual resumption of national and international Championships announced and other sports Federation.

So that the athletes can start preparing for the competition, with 1 andYun 2020 we open stadiums and other sports facilities for the training of members of national teams of Moscow and Russia, as well as players of professional sports clubs.

of Course, while in training will not be able to attend, spectators and guests. Only athletes, coaches, doctors and other necessary staff.


the long-Awaited second phase of the easing of restrictions was made possible, because the decrease in the incidence of coronavirus has acquired a stable character. But “sustainable” does not mean “irreversible”. The risk of infection has declined but not yet disappeared.

We still need to use extreme caution and – as would be desirable not to force the issue.

Even earlier, to open theaters, museums, hair salons, restaurants and fitness clubs. Prematurely cancel a mask mode and social distancing, to refuse to work on the “distance” to call to Moscow hotel.

Therefore, simultaneously with the decision to resume the work of many city organizations, I have signed a decree on the extension of self-isolation, access control and other restrictive measures until June 14, 2020, to Renew the digital pass is not necessary, the validity period will be extended automatically.

But the next big step toward returning to a normal life we did. And as soon as the situation permits – will be followed by the following steps.

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “On amendments to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow from March 5, 2020 No. 12-MIND.”

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “On amendments to the decrees of the Mayor of Moscow dated April 4, 2020 number 40-CRAZY and dated April 11, 2020 # 43-MIND.”

Source: on the website of the Moscow mayor.