In his blog, Sergei Sobyanin wrote: “last weekend the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection has continued to improve gradually. So in the near future we plan to further easing of restrictions. Starting tomorrow, volunteers will be able to re-visit 13 city shelters for the homeless dogs and cats – to transfer medicines, food, other necessities and, of course, to walk the wards of Pets. The need for assistance is obvious – more than two months of isolation the children of the shelters received only standard care. Now the volunteers will again bring the human warmth and care”.

the Mayor reported that, together with the Public chamber of Moscow and the activists of animal protection organizations have regulations for a safe visit to shelters for homeless animals, which will operate until the end of the pandemic.

“To visit a shelter in advance to make an ID of the volunteer who gives of GBU “Mosvolonter”. Graphics visit shelters will form the representatives of the animal protection funds. Each shelter will not take more than 15 volunteers on a daily basis.

Sobyanin also noted the need to design the proper permit and comply with all necessary health standards. Protective masks and gloves to the volunteers – required. And, of course, for trips to the shelter to volunteer you need a digital pass on the website”.

the Mayor reminded that in recent years, together with animal welfare organizations in the capital has done much to introduce modern, humane approaches to the treatment of stray animals. And concluded: “I Hope that after the end of the pandemic will return to normal. Muscovites once again begin to take home stray dogs and cats, and volunteers will take care of that, and the shelters they had as well. The first step we did today.” Let me remind you, made this move in 2018 during the festival “Easter gift” and Sobyanin himself – took a homeless puppy from a shelter. He called him Joey. As reported a press-the Secretary of mayor Gulnara Penkova, getting Joey all this time perfectly. But in 13 urban shelters waiting for owners or at least friends still 13 thousand stray dogs.