He released the album of the 72 stellar remixes of Rammstein

namely, drew attention to a new release of under the brand name of Rammstein. Without exaggeration, a giant – as much as 72 track collection of remixes, demos, “beta” and other variations on the most popular songs of the cult German band. Recorded with the participation as “ideologically close” to this group of colleagues (Front 242, participants KMFDM and Nine Inch Nails, and, of course, Laibach, got here with not the new, but still a great cover of Ohne dich) and conditionally him “alien”.

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among them melancholy Danish experimenters Under Byen, enthusiastic neo-romanticism Hurts, DJ Paul van Dyk (whose remote turns dry, minimalistic Dutch TRANS even combat Ich Will) – or, for example, do not require the recommendations of the Pet Shop Boys with their let and not the first freshness, but still very entertaining dance reinterpretation of the “culinary” hit Mein Teil.

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anyway, the “pow-pow” – in the broadest sense, accounts for the lion’s share of the compilation – from Junkie XL to The Timewriter. Which, of course, should not surprise – because of their tight ties with the EDM Rammstein never concealed: moreover, sometimes deliberately accentuated. Although about metal – coupled with “non-traditional” electronics – forget in any case should not be.

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Performers many of the tracks are recognizable from the first seconds – as is the case with the ragged rhythms of Meshuggah or zapilami cello Apocalyptica. Both teams, incidentally, chose for his experiments the song Benzin, there is little left of the original material. Touching to tears recognizable and sounding Scooter, whose version of hooligan Pussy ineffable delight nostalgic fans of old school. The attention of connoisseurs of more refined experiments are available records of such bands as Faith No More and Mogwai.

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the most distinguished and energetic nu-metal band from Sweden Clawfinger, rivet half a dozen remixes of their friends and also celebrated with them the joint live cover of the great Ramones Pet Sematary. Yes, most of the album are remixes of any in the Kus, but there are some interesting rarities type the English version of Amerika (Yes, there is!), already fairly well-known instrumentals Sonne and Mein herz brennt, the beta version of Ohne dich, and the like. In short, a complete set for home quarantine discos.

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