In Tebenyaki live about three thousand people. Decades men are engaged in making hats.

In the Soviet period it was made popular cap,”aerodrome”, covering half face, remember those? And mink, muskrat and surkovo winter hats. There was a strict distribution of functions: one part of the population make them at home, the other went through the cities and villages and sold.

It is here made hats traditional headgear of the mountaineers. Them in the mountains wore not only in winter but in summer. According to custom, a man should never have to remove the cap. There was only one exception: when he asked forgiveness of blood revenge.

not so long ago in the Dagestani villages practiced the custom of a young man who wanted to sasatami the girl was thrown into the window of the house she lived in his cap. If this hat was left in the house and not flying back, lucky it was possible to count on reciprocity. This custom is mentioned in his poems the national poet of Dagestan Rasul Gamzatov: “Rock-ka youth in Ahaha, And again, as there is usual, we will drop Their hats To one of the girls in the window.”

the Process of making hats difficult and time consuming. It starts with the main, choice skins of sheep. They must meet certain standards, knowledgeable master with the same look-and-feel can determine good skin or not.

Skins soaked in water, they were carefully cleaned and washed in a mountain stream. Drying takes a lot of time. Given that in the village almost all the people involved in this business, thousands of skins hanging on the balconies, the clothesline, and even on trees.Then the workpiece is placed on a wooden disc with a lever, to stretch skins. After a few hours the pile carefully combed.

Today the main products of rural craftsmen – white “Habibulla” hat. Wanting to buy so many of them that have to work around the clock. And with each victory Habib the number of orders increases.

– After the last battle of Habib our family where almost everyone is busy sewing hats, had to work all day. I personally set a record: for one day has made a few dozen hats, – says the artist Magomed Mammaev.

Hats differ across the country, until Chelyabinsk, Chita, the Altai. Orders also come from many countries in Europe and the United States, says the head of the village medzhid Medzhidov.


Residents Tubemake not only successful entrepreneurs, but also true patriots of their village. They created the Fund, which is used for the improvement of the settlement. Last year the natives Tecmage, including living outside, gathered about ten million rubles. On this money have repaired and filled with concrete of the rural roads. Now they can travel the betopasna and comfort. The villagers dream that they came to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Joke: now they have fierce competition, because everybody wants to have the honor to present the champion made his own hands his cap.