Statement of the Ukrainian side about the illegality of the visit of the French deputies of the European Parliament in Crimea looks ridiculous and annoyingly, told RIA Novosti the head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament’s public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel.

The delegation of the European politicians and experts is in the Crimea on a working visit. The delegation consisted of nine people, including five French members of the European Parliament. The representative of Ukraine to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii appealed to the head of the European Parliament David Sassòli and the head of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs David McAllister to condemn the visit of French MEPs in the Crimea, which the Ukrainian side considers illegal.

"All these statements of our Ukrainian colleagues look ridiculous and so is tired, that neither the Crimean nor our guests-they simply do not pay attention," said HEMPEL.

According to him, Crimea is part of Russian Federation, therefore, not the Ukrainian authorities to determine who should come to the Peninsula, and who does not. "once again urge the Ukrainian authorities not to interfere in the internal Affairs of another state", – said HEMPEL.