It’s not always the strongest who survive. And not the smartest either. Those who react best to change can survive. This is especially true for the digital economy.

What Charles Robert Darwin already knew in the 19th century is more relevant today than ever. The changes are penetrating all levels of our lives and have a name made up of 15 letters: digitization.

Whether it is a coincidence or a conscious symbolism of numerology, the number 15 represents power, dominance and impact. And indeed, the changes of the last decade are so powerful and impactful that they frighten many people. right? It all depends on your attitude. Digitization – one word, 15 letters and many opportunities.

If we look at the last 20 years, we are amazed. The world is no longer what it used to be. The 4th Industrial Revolution brought far-reaching changes to all work processes. Regardless of whether you act as a private person or a large company: Digitization and artificial intelligence influence our actions every day, consciously and unconsciously.

Smartphones, big data, social media and communication services – digitization brings with it serious changes that trigger fears in many people. But why? Quite simply, because the familiar and unchangeable order of things reduces our stress level, creates a feeling of control and predictability. Great changes, even pleasant ones, always break the established order. Changes are often associated with uncertainty and ambiguity, and some things that are familiar may no longer do justice to the new conditions. Because of this, we feel ourselves losing our feet and falling into a deep hole of insecurity.

Together with the market research platform Appinio, ibusiness conducted a study on Germans’ fears of digitization. 1075 participants were asked about their personal and abstract fears regarding digitization. Top 3 digital fears include

Sure, these fears also have their right to exist, but every personality coach will advise working on these fears. Because man is the master of his feelings, perception and future. A major player in his actions.

Whether digitization is a curse or a blessing depends on what you do with it. Because you are the product 4.0. You have the choice. Let digitization push you into a lonely, dark corner or spread your shoulders and use the digital possibilities of the anthropological revolution in your private and professional life.

The statistics speak for themselves. Around 63 million Germans use the Internet every day and are online for 182 minutes.

If you open yourself to digitization, you will find the best places for your successful self-presentation.

Imagine you are a salesperson and you have to convince your customers of a product. If in the past most negotiations took place face-to-face in a simple form, today you have to convince even more, and at a distance. How do you manage it, your charming smile, your arguments, all your powers of persuasion via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

The magic word is AI. Within minutes, maybe even seconds, artificial intelligence in the form of algorithms finds exactly the people you need. In addition, thanks to the AI-based communication systems, most inquiries can be answered automatically. So you can save your valuable time and use your resources for important strategic tasks.

The offshoots of artificial intelligence are currently pervading the economy and society of the 21st century. Machine learning, statistical physics, bioinformatics, combinatorial optimization, robotics and computational genetics together create a new world of artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and genetic programming. Artificial intelligence not only wins at chess, checkers, backgammon, Othello, Scrabble, Jeopardy! and Co. against people, but also recognizes languages, patterns, facial expressions and faces. Intelligent algorithms change prices and purchase recommendations, search terms, reserve tables, govern high-frequency trading, monitor inventory levels, display maps and routes, improve medical technology, diagnosis and decisions.

In my new book “You are the product 4.0” I share my experience and knowledge about personality and digitization. You will receive many useful tips and a holistic overview of everything you need to know in our digital age.

We all prefer stability. Established traditions, procedures and rules enable us to function stably and efficiently. But what if change is inevitable? How can you learn to overcome them, stop being afraid of them and use them for yourself?

Your personality is crucial. With the right attitude, you can create a new stability even as your life is being swept away by a digital AI tornado of change.

Do you want to successfully keep pace with digitization?


Digitization and AI will continue to develop in the future, and at great speed. As the final report of the EU special committee on artificial intelligence shows, this technology is of central importance and will be increasingly promoted by politicians in the coming years.

Every change reshuffles the cards and takes us to new shores. Take these cards in your hands and lay out your own path to success. Do not see the digital transformation as a danger, but as a huge opportunity.