Hard drugs are said to have been found at the country home of the British foreign ministers. This is reported by the “Guardian” based on insider sources. It is believed to be cocaine. Similar drugs are also said to have been found in Downing Street.

According to a report, traces of hard drugs were found in buildings used by the British government. The “Guardian” reported on Friday evening, citing insider sources, that traces of white powder were discovered last summer at the Chevening country estate used by British Foreign Ministers. Allies of then-Secretary of State Liz Truss are said to have celebrated there over two weekends shortly before she was elected prime minister. According to the report, it is believed to have been cocaine.

Similar substances are also said to have been found in Downing Street after lockdown parties, as other insiders reported to the “Guardian”. However, neither ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was still in power at the time, nor Truss himself knew about the drugs or even used them.

A spokeswoman for Liz Truss dismissed the allegations as “untrue”. Both Truss and Johnson said they had not heard of such finds. Both pointed out that this must be the case if there were any evidence supporting the finds.

The affair about banned parties in Downing Street during the Corona lockdowns had contributed significantly to the fall of ex-Prime Minister Johnson. Liz Truss, on the other hand, had to resign after a few weeks because of the disastrous consequences of her economic policy. Both had announced a tougher course against hard drugs.