Experiencing sharp growth due to the isolation of citizens the market of Express delivery of food by the end of 2020 may increase from 0.7 billion to 30 billion rubles, predicts the company “Infoline-Analytics”. Its main scope will provide X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok”, etc.), “Coswell”, “Yandex.Shop” and “Scooter”. Although the popularity of the service began to gain the efforts primarily of Internet services, in the future, the initiative can intercept major players from the offline retail, do not exclude the experts.The market Express food delivery (within hours) by the end of 2020 will increase to 30 billion 700 million rubles a year earlier, the report of Infoline-Analytics (there is a “b”). The whole market for online sales in the FMCG (consumer goods), according to the report, last year amounted to 40 billion rubles, and by the end of 2020 will reach 135 billion rubles In the first quarter, the highest turnover of online orders in this category have demonstrated ozone — 6,1 billion rubles with growth by 170% compared to the same period last year (see infographic). The greatest growth in percentage has shown the “Carmarket” (formerly Instamart), whose turnover has increased by 500%, from 260 million to 1.49 billion rubles in April, In conditions of self-isolation of the citizens of a number of market participants were able to show results comparable with all the first quarter, according to data from the companies themselves and analysts. So, the turnover of “Carmarket” for the month amounted to 1.5 billion rubles, “Yandex.Shop” 900 million against 800 million rubles in the first quarter, “Scooter” — 850 million against 800 million rubles. According to the General Director “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrova, in April, “Yandex.Shop” for the first time were able to pass the “Scooter” in terms of turnover. In addition, its average check per 150 rubles higher than the competitor. Among the companies, the evaluation of metrics which analysts did yourself, but in General agree with the results, “Scooter” has not confirmed them nor denied, in “Yandex.Taxi” (head of “Yandex.Shop”) called evaluation adequate. In “Platypus” reported that data analysts generally reflect the situation on the market.Although the original in the market of Express delivery of products in Russia, there were two major players, now the situation is changing due to the entry in the segment of large offline retailers. According to “Infoline-Analysts” for the year 2020 95% of the market, along with “Yandex.Shop” and “Scooter” will be shared by X5 Retail Group and “Coswell”. In the future, the segment will continue to grow dynamically, including outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, primarily in cities, analysts predict.Mikhail Burmistrov sees the greatest potential in the field of Express delivery of products from X5 Retail Group. “Based on “the five”, they can quickly deploy dark store (the shops open only for delivery.— “Y”) and scale the business in the regions”,— he waits. Also a strong position in this market will have “TasteinYlla” and “Magnet”, whose leadership recently moved several top managers of the online retailer Lamoda, expects the expert. Although different models of services delivery of products delivery in a few hours, and Express delivery will be close. “The buyer has two tasks: purchase additional purchase for the future and for the Express shipping. And each player will try to offer solutions for each of them,” says Mr. Burmistrov.The Russian market of online grocery retail is in the active growth stage, so all the key players focused on the overall increase in volumes and its share, says Director of Department of investments and capital markets KPMG in Russia and the CIS Alexei Bogdanov. At the same time to compare companies to successfully use the total volume of turnover of goods, as some companies also operate on the model of marketplace and include in revenue only the service fee for the use of their sales channel and not the full cost of the order, he said. According to Mr. Bogdanov, investors of such projects also pay special attention to the dynamics of attracting and retaining users and analysis unit of the economy, at the same time. Are key indicators for market participants, says the Director of the Foundation for Internet development initiatives working with portfolio companies Sergey Villains. In addition, to maintain the loyalty of the consumer is an important customer experience, but now not all clients are satisfied with the service of these companies, he adds.In General, the market will grow, and the interest of investors to it will continue, assured the interlocutors “Kommersant”. Managing partner at Altair Capital, Igor ryabenky said that the Fund continues to look for new companies in this segment, evaluating the growth of the customer base and earning potential from each point and each client in the service. In the opinion of the investment Manager of the Fund Anna Gisko, the winner of the market will be the one who will converge unit Economics who best knows the customer and make him loyal, reducing the cost of attracting new, and the one who will generate the optimal assortment matrix and will work with the category of fresh produce.Dmitry Shestoperov