Podrostok named Andre from Brazil drew an infographic to teach its grandmother in terms of quarantine to make video calls on the smartphone. It is reported by Globo.

the Boy drew on paper a diagram description and detailed explanation of each step to ensure that his grandma is not confused with commands of smartphone and properly fulfilled all the steps required to make a video call. The infographic provides advice like “Choose the green button”, “Click on the icon of a telephone handset”, as well as the procedure for incorrect choice.

the teenager Also shared his methods in social networks, noting that the proposed method of training worked, and the grandmother without assistance can enjoy video calls.

Previously, the Brazilian press Association stated its intention to sue the President of the country Zaire Bolsonaro for what he was subjected to the risk of Contracting coronavirus journalists during a press conference, during which he reported a positive test result for coronavirus, and then removed the mask to show that she is well.

Brazil has the second highest number of cases of coronavirus in all the time. The country recorded more than 1.75 million cases of infection, of which more than a million people have recovered, more than 65 thousand died.