Director Marcel Walz actually gives other people goosebumps with his horror films. But this time it’s the emigrant himself who is panicking. The reason: The premiere of his new strip is getting closer – and he has neither money nor a complete team.

Actually, he shouldn’t be in Germany right now, “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Marcel Walz revealed to the VOX team, which has been accompanying the horror film director for some time. Because in his adopted home of Los Angeles, the shooting of his latest film “It’s A Wrap” (engl.: “Everything in the box”) was imminent.

But even an independent film costs money, so the director hoped to do business with Eileen Hassler and Tina Limbeck near Frankfurt am Main. The two run Little USA World, the largest US supermarket in Germany. The two women had discovered Marcel and his husband Dominik in the emigrant docu-soap and then contacted them: “We like the fact that they are as crazy as we are,” Tina revealed the motives.

But was this sympathy enough to invest a six-figure sum in Marcel’s new strip as planned? That should now be decided after a few video calls. Accompanied by a nervous laugh, Marcel admitted to the VOX team: “Should this deal not come about today … That would really be a problem!”

Fortunately, however, he was able to convince the two women of his project, so that they invested in a film for the first time – of course in the hope that it would be financially worthwhile for them. This would be the case, for example, if a distributor bought the film and marketed it for a profit.

But first, of course, it had to be filmed, and something was still missing: two of the roles were not yet cast! Back in his adopted home of Los Angeles, Marcel quickly invited him to the casting, where the only candidate for one of the roles that was still vacant was immediately convincing: Gigi Gustin’s (26) scream as a murder victim was bloodcurdling! She would not be the only one who had to lose her life in her role: The film is about a film crew who throws a party after the shooting is over, where one member after the other has to die.

Apparently, the second role that was still missing could also be filled, because VOX finally visited Marcel on the film set – for the first time in seven years, his husband looked over his shoulder again during a shoot. And it went well: The most expensive star of the production, actress Cerina Vincent (43, “Power Rangers”, “Navy CIS: L.A.”), was full of praise for the director from Middle Franconia, who took care of every detail himself: “Marcel is just great! I’ve heard good things about him here in the L.A. horror film community. It’s not always that everything just goes right with film projects.”

It could have gone on like this, but on the day of the premiere some time later Marcel was again a bundle of nerves. He was “panic,” he admitted, and imagined – bloodless – horror scenarios: “That everyone finds the film terrible, that people go out, that people fall asleep…” Or that nobody would come first? Because of the rain, one guest after the other canceled at short notice – it was too dangerous to drive. Although Marcel and Dominik found it difficult to understand, they had to accept it. It’s just stupid that there was an important distributor among those who dropped out. Would the premiere still be a success?

She became! The – but quite full – hall laughed and shuddered in the right places, the applause was great, the compliments came in large numbers. And: That same evening, Marcel was able to make a business appointment with a distributor, and a little later a streaming service showed interest in “It’s A Wrap”. So things continued to improve for the director, whose husband Dominik, currently the couple’s main breadwinner as a pilot, wished one thing above all: “That he be just as enthusiastic about his job as I am.”

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