the wizard has repeatedly won the all-Russian exhibitions, exhibited in many museums around the country. Among the numerous prizes and awards in his home archive holds a copy of the Washington post, which published a picture of his glass sculpture “Troika”, created in the Russian spirit, a beautiful woman with a long braid in the sleigh.

In the army, Michael was called from his home in Vladikavkaz. After serving, decided to art education at the porcelain factory named after Lomonosov in Leningrad is the oldest in Europe and the first Russian enterprise for the production of artistic porcelain products (now “Imperial porcelain factory” in St.-Petersburg).

the Guy accepted student. But soon Michael was disappointed in a routine, Assembly-line work and moved into a quartz shop.

Quartz is the basis of any glass. Watched as he softened. It turns out the mass that can take any form. It struck me as interesting, – says Mikhail Batayev.

after a few years of the Leningrad glassblower was invited to the Novosibirsk Institute of semiconductor physics to perform high-precision technical works to science. In his spare time he continued to do creative work.

On his first exhibition in Novosibirsk Mikhail Batayev received the diploma of the first degree, in the same year took second place at the exhibition in Moscow. In the United States, where he organized the exhibition of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, was delighted with the glass figurines of the Soviet glassblower.

– When came the publication in the Newspapers, showered with invitations to exhibitions. My work “toured” more than a year on various exhibition halls of America. And in the 80s at one of the screenings in Moscow, I met with the Grand master of the quartz Alexei SELA, who was very surprised by my figures, it is not expected that masters from the provinces capable of such – continues to Bata.

And then Michael Bataeva invited in the Kabardino-Balkar state University, where he works until now: making instruments for physics and chemistry of glasses, laser tube with micron precision.

“My devices” is the head, hands and special gas burner to melt the rhinestone or heat resistant glass. The rest depends on the imagination. Include the burner softens the glass and work with bare hands. Mold it like clay, only here its subtleties. Glass does not tolerate rudeness and neglect, to miss the time – start all over again – shares the secrets glassblower.

the Glass tube and the wire, the wizard turns in a skilful figure that gives family, friends and museums.

– I am not a businessman, I have enough faculty salary. If made for sale, such enjoyment from work would not receive.

the Eye and the hand of the master is still accurate, although he has already changed his ninth decade. The secret in the sport, which�� Bata deals with regularly. This running and gymnastics. Recently ran every day for ten or twelve miles.

– it is a Pity that students have no complains glassblower.

He believes that the craft of glass-blower will never die. After all, technology can’t do what I was capable of human hands and imagination.