1. Launched in March, for Liliana, Rachel and René Beck, the dream tour, on which they had long been working for. Your Land Rover Defender, you can for € 24,000 had to rebuild, the Couple on the way to Tokyo, where, in July 2020, the summer Olympic games should take place.

On the trip to Japan, in Dresden, in just four months, 22 countries, crossing wanted. The teacher and the sports Manager had to leave their Jobs and their apartment until the end of the year rented.

Olympic journey ends in Croatia – now the Couple in the car

lives on 15. March, the journey abruptly was over. After 2020, the 15,000 planned kilometers of the Trip, the preparations and Start the Two were accompanied on the Facebook page Road2Tokio ended, on the Croatian border. “Because of the Corona-crisis, we had to turn around,” says Beck, in front of “image”.

did not, However, easy for Some not so easy – the apartment of the city is empty, but rented. The solution: Rachel and Beck live in their car. To do this, you had to make, but first, a question to the Saxon held by Ministers, as to not be allowed in the car’s life actually is, as Beck in “Sport in the East,” reported.

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We can call comfortable in the car

sleep” “A roof carrier with tent, a compressor, a cooler, a bed system, water and diesel canisters, and a solar system,” the 37-Year-old the characteristics of your current home. “We can sleep in showers, cooking, and is quite comfortable in the car.”

your dream to the Two of you, but also from the Corona pandemic does not spoil. “We absolutely want to go next year on Tour again – maybe then with a new Route,” says the Couple in unison. Wherever your path leads you to well-2021?

Olympic games on 2021

moved the end of March, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided, due to the ongoing global Corona epidemic, the summer Olympic games in Tokyo to move to the year 2021. By the displacement of a huge machine had been braked, the restart of the preparations was a “massive Operation,” said IOC Olympic Director Christophe Dubi. On all sides, willingness to compromise is therefore necessary. “We need to be creative and innovative,” said Dubi more.

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