the Company “Gazprom” has ceased to possess the only with advanced dynamic positioning system in Russia pipelay “Akademik Chersky”. RBC reports.

the Ship continues to stand in the German port of Mukran, logistic base of the “Nord stream-2”. Earlier it was reported that “the academic left” — the only pipe that can complete the construction of the pipeline.

In June, the ship, which until the beginning of the year were part of OOO “Gazprom fleet” was owned by JSC “Samara thermal power property Fund” (STIF). In March, the Fund changed its registration from Samara to Saint Petersburg.

According to the newspaper, the STIF as of March 31, was part of the group “Gazprom”, however, as of June 30 in the list of affiliated persons of the monopoly of the Foundation is already there. Presumably, in the second quarter, the Fund has decided to change owners.

In December last year, the United States imposed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”. After that, pipelay, owned by Allseas, a Swiss, was forced to leave the place of work. The company-operator Nord Stream AG 2 remained with the ship dynamic positioning “Akademik Chersky”, but it was not then fully utilized due to difficulties with insurance as most companies refused to provide services because of concerns fall under the us restrictions.

the gas Pipeline “Nord stream-2” from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea was supposed to start in late 2019. The project launch date was postponed to the turn of the 2020-2021 years, first because of the position of Denmark, which did not coordinate the route of the project through their water and then because of the U.S. sanctions against companies involved in the project.