Meet record and set of laws of Ancient Rus, to play the space quiz and to take a virtual walk through the unique natural areas of the country invites everyone VDNKH Russia Day, June 12. To take part in a festive online program will be on the exhibition website, on its pages in social networks and on the Internet sites of the residents.

C achievements of the Russian space industry will introduce citizens center “Aerospace and aviation”. 11:00 the social network “Instagram” in the pages of the ENEA centre in the section “History” you can participate in interactive test “Russia — space country”. Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev will share information about the five facts from the history of Russian cosmonautics, and subscribers to the review will determine whether it’s true or not. At 13:00 in Instagram will be live with another conqueror of space — Fedor by urainum. He will tell the audience about the latest developments of the space industry, such as the establishment of the manned spacecraft “eagle” and automatic cargo spacecraft series “Progress”. Subscribers will be able to ask your questions in the comments, the astronaut will answer them on the air.

A blog #Kosmosdale center site you can read about the main space cities in which there are industrial enterprises, educational institutions and launch sites. Among them are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mirny, and others. In addition, you can learn interesting facts about the cities associated with prominent figures of space exploration. For example, will focus on Kaluga, where he lived and worked, the inventor Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, or about Gagarin (before 1968 — Gzhatsk). This town in the Smolensk region was named in honor of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to fly in space.

Historical Park “Russia — my story” jointly with the Russian geographical society has prepared an online exhibition “Multinational Russia”. On the project website you can see pictures taken in different parts of our country. The exhibition includes images of Kamchatka volcanoes, caves of lake Baikal, nature reserve “Erzi” in Ingushetia. In addition, the exhibition presents photographs of representatives of different nationalities living in our country. This, for example, residents of the Yamal Peninsula, North Ossetia and Dagestan.

Center of Slavic writing “the Word” tells of the ancient literary monuments. At 16:00 on the website ENEA and on the center page in Instagram will upload the podcast “the Day of Russia — a thousand-year path: Rurik, Monomakh… and we are.” The tour guide Dmitry Taratorin will introduce students with two unique documents. He tells about one of the most ancient Russian Chronicles — the Laurentian. It is dated 1377. It includes the chronicle ��water “Tale of bygone years”, “the Testament of Vladimir Monomakh” and other works that tell about the formation of the Ancient Russian state. The second document is a collection of legal norms of Russia and Byzantium in the XIII–XIV centuries “the Measure of the righteous”.

See the online lecture “After the USSR: Russia in the documentary cinema of the 1990s” invites everyone to the Museum of cinema. It will be possible to learn, what new themes, characters and styles of documentary cinema became relevant after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The expert will tell the works of such Directors as Sergei Dvortsevoy, Victor Kosakovsky, Alexander Sokurov. The lecture will be held on the online platform Zoom in 16:00. The link to it is available on the website of the cinema Museum on 12 June from 12:00.

And lovers are waiting for movies in the cinema online cinema Museum. There at 17:10 will take place the premiere of the film Larissa Shepitko “Wings” (1966), telling of the postwar lives of former military pilots. To view picture the registration is not required.

Center of Oceanography and marine biology Moskvarium invites you to a tour of “Seas and rivers of Russia”. Video will be available from 12:00 on the YouTube channel of “Moskvarium”, and also on its official pages in the social networks “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “Vkontakte”. The tour will be dedicated to water for the inhabitants of our country. Ichthyologists center will hold the audience for the exposition of the Oceanarium and talk about how many legs of crab, than the threat of the black sea skorpena, how does the Amur starfish, and other interesting facts about the inhabitants of the sea. The audience will meet representatives of the sturgeon family Kaluga, Beluga and Russian sturgeon. Part of the tour will be dedicated to pennagaram, or fish-sparrows. This name they received due to the fact that their shape is reminiscent of a ruffled bird. These unusual inhabitants found in the White, Baltic and Kara seas. By the way, the fry enahoro appeared in the aquarium recently, and June 12, their first show audience. Excursion will end at an unusual greeting from divers center.

in addition, at 12:00 on the YouTube channel of the Ecocenter “beekeeping” will start the online lecture “Ecosystems of Russia”.

Specialists of “Mospeada” will tell you which natural areas exist in our country, what are their main wealth and distinction. Viewers will be making a virtual walk through the tundra and taiga, will visit the steppes and the desert.

Russia Day is an annual public holiday. It is celebrated since 1992 on the day of Declaration of sovereignty of the RSFSR on June 12.

the Capital gradually softens the restrictions that were imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. So, from June 9 for citizens abolished the mode and schedule of walks. Now, residents can leave home use transportation to visit public m��a hundred. Libraries, museums, exhibition halls and other cultural institutions will be able to resume its work on 16 June.

in the meantime, to follow the cultural life of ENEA in the online mode. So, since March 31, the exhibition has prepared for its virtual visitors is a series of tours, as well as master classes and lectures. Stroll through the pavilions of the “Aerospace and aviation”, “worker and collective farm girl”, the Museum exhibition center, the center of Slavic writing “Word” and watch informative videos on the official website in the section “ENEA online”, and also on the pages of the exhibition and its residents in social networks. For example, during the broadcast of the “Moskvarium” the audience will learn, what they like to eat sharks, eels, piranhas and stingrays. While complex in a social network “Instagram” you can observe the life of animals living on the “City farm”.