In the capital from coronavirus infection cured more 465 patients. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development. People who need to remain under observation after discharge, doctors give recommendations.

Survivors are invited to become plasma donors. In addition, they can engage in social and volunteering to help people who are treated for the infection at home.

Everyone is welcome to be tested for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19. This can be done by appointment. The results will be available in the electronic medical record.

the Restrictions imposed in the city due to the threat of proliferation COVID-19, gradually softened. From July 13 in the capital earn an educational institution. Also allow full-time employment in the sports, music and art schools and courses for children and adults. There will begin work children’s camps and children’s entertainment centers.

Since August 1, will open its doors cinemas, theatres and concert halls that have more than three thousand places. Auditoriums, where you can see plays, films and concerts will not be filled to more than 50 percent.