The state prosecutor is seeking to restrict the freedom of former Russian footballer Roman Shirokov for one year and 10 months over a shocking attack on a referee during an amateur match, which left the official hospitalized.

A lawyer for Nikita Danchenkov, the referee who suffered the assault, said that the former captain of the Russian national team should pay compensation of 150,000 rubles ($2,000) in addition to the freedom restrictions.

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A prison sentence had initially been demanded for Shirokov.

Freedom restrictions would instead permit him to leave his home during certain hours and he would be prohibited from taking part in public events.

The player would also be obliged to inform police officers if he plans to leave the city.

The former Zenit and Spartak Moscow star found himself in hot water after he assaulted Danchenkov during the game in mid-August.

He punched the referee in the face before kicking him in the head as he lay on the ground.

The freak incident attracted much public attention with Danchenkov opening legal proceedings against the player.

The footballer was originally facing a maximum sentence of two years in prison, before his possible punishment was softened.