Helge Braun (49) was a close confidante of ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel (68) for years. In 2009, the physician was appointed as the new State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Research directly from the University Hospital in Giessen. He was appointed Minister of State in 2013 and Minister of the Chancellery in 2018. In this position, the CDU politician, previously known for his imposing physique, was more often in the limelight. But since the resignation of his former boss, things have become rather quiet about the doctor from Hesse.

That has now changed with a surprising Instagram post on the MP’s page: the 49-year-old presented himself significantly slimmer and with chic horn-rimmed glasses at an appointment in his Gießen constituency. The customer success was well received by his followers.

Congratulations and congratulations hailed online for the snapshot showing the Hessian politician visiting the local animal shelter. “Great performance,” writes one user and another adds: “Respect and chapeau!”

A user can hardly hide her astonishment and finds: “Wow, you don’t recognize yourself!” And someone else comments impressed: “Great, 20 years younger!”

The weight loss had already begun in the past few weeks. The current chairman of the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag had already changed significantly in June.

When asked by “Bild”, Helge Braun did not go into his diet secret. But so close to his milestone birthday, which he celebrates on October 18, it was important to him to pull the ripcord: “In the run-up to my 50th birthday, it was important to me to reduce my health risks,” says Braun. “As a doctor, I am aware that being overweight poses a particular health risk with advancing age.”

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