Wishing it was much, namely 139 571 Nizhegorodets registered for electronic voting. As have informed in regional electoral Commission, by eight o’clock in the evening of 30 June, when the procedure ended, DAG, and his right to use 128 556 people, or 92,11 percent. Among them were the citizens who have temporarily dropped out of scope.

Michael, a programmer from Nizhny Novgorod, located on a long business trip abroad, spoke on the phone, “RG” that there are no difficulties with remote voting is not tested.

– All surprisingly smoothly. First I went to the website Services and signed up. The next day came SMS with confirmation. After that was invited to participate in a trial vote on the beautification of the city. The main procedure also did not cause difficulties: one screen agreement to the processing of personal data, the second one is actually the newsletter.

those who for some reason could not “step in step with the times”, the option to cast their vote in the usual way – at the polling station. But there were innovations introduced by the epidemiological situation: contactless temperature measurement, disposable masks and gloves treated with sanitizer pen.

In the end, as Chairman of the regional electoral Commission Margarita Krasilevsky June 29, early came to the land and used the deg, more than a million citizens, despite the fact that the total number of voters of the region is 2,571 million. According to the operative data of the election commissions, in the afternoon of July 1, the turnout was 63,56 percent.

it Seems, Nizhny Novgorod experiment gave very positive results. Especially in remote electronic voting. By the way, the Governor of the region Gleb Nikitin voted remotely.