August 1, Russian travelers will be able to fly to Istanbul, Ankara and the UK, as well as underdeveloped in Tanzania. But the flight will be available only from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don, and the message with the most popular resorts of Turkey will be opened only on August 10. Analysts surprised by the narrow range of available departure cities. Tourism industry concerned about the fate of Charter carriers, not all of which have permission to fly from Moscow airports. While the tickets in August, according to aggregators, will cost considerably more than in the summer of 2019.Russia opens its first international flight: 1 August-from Moscow, Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and Rostov-on-don will be possible to fly to the UK, Turkey and Tanzania, announced on 24 July, the government of the Russian Federation. The latter two countries completely abolished restrictions on entry, and in the UK all arriving will have to undergo a 14 day quarantine. Restrictions on cities refer not only to the airports of departure: to arrive will be only in London, Ankara and Istanbul, and the island of Zanzibar. The flights to the Turkish resort town of Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman will open with 10 Augusta the Federal air transport Agency does not provide further comment, including about the frequency of flights. Tickets in these areas are already available. For example, ility from Moscow to Istanbul on August 1, the “Aeroflot” are from 44.8 thousand rubles. While already on 2 August, the reservation will cost half the price, from 21.7 thousand rubles., and “Victory” — 25 thousand rubles, follows from the data of Aviasales. Then the price continues to fall. A direct flight from St. Petersburg to Istanbul Turkish Airlines offer only 65 thousand RUB. To Antalya from Saint Petersburg on August 10, tickets available on the direct flights of “Aeroflot” (from 13.6 thousand RUB), Turkish Airlines (from 14,4 thousand rubles), Azur Air and “Ural airlines” (21 thousand rubles) and Nordwind (from 23 thousand rubles.). From Moscow tickets will cost about the same amount, there are flights S7 (from 18.6 thousand rubles. on the company’s website). In “” has calculated that the minimum price of tickets from Moscow to Istanbul in August rose by almost half compared with the 2019 year, to 7.6 thousand rubles., to Antalya — 70% to 10.2 thousand rubles. In London from the capital of the Russian Federation of 1 August you can fly Aeroflot from 9 thousand rubles, from the data Aviasales, on the carrier’s website available tickets from 11 thousand rubles, the head of the Infomost Boris Rybak calls the strange fact that flights open from such a small number of cities, despite the fact that their list differs from the proposed Federal air transport Agency. As he wrote “Izvestia”, in the first stage, the Agency proposed to allow flights from six cities, among which was Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. It is logical, on the contrary, from the point of view of the epidemiological situation to disperse the flow of passengers, said Mr. Rybak.Practice gradual opening of the airport��used in Ukraine, says the General Director of the Friendly Avia Support company Oleksandr Lanetskiy: first it was Kiev, a few days in Lviv, then other regions, such decision was explained by the desire to fulfill the procedure. But in order to build the transportation of passengers for scheduled flights, it is necessary not two weeks, and for at least six months that airlines will carry at a loss, he said, and then the scheme will be worked out, find a suitable aircraft that is not earlier than next summer.The restrictions will hit Charter carriers, adds Boris Rybak, as not all of them have permission to fly from Moscow airports, and the advantage may be only the download of opened flights from fulfilling their carriers. “If you look at the most popular destinations in the summer of 2019 from regional airports in Russia, it will be Moscow, Antalya, Hurghada, Sochi,— adds Alexander Lanetsky.— Now one of the main areas they’ll take it.”Clarity on the resumption of Charter flights to Turkey yet, says the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze. “Issues with travelers who have purchased tours in August with Charter carriage, will be addressed individually. Perhaps they will offer to pay for the ticket on a regular flight, but most likely do not have to — the prices will be affordable,” she says. According to ATOR, now the price of accommodation in Turkish hotels, on average, 20% lower than in August 2019, with 25-30% of the hotels in Antalya are still closed.Turkey is the most popular in Russia, the direction of outbound tourism. If in the UK, according to the FSB Border service in the past year, there were 158 thousand of tourist trips from Russia to Turkey — 5.3 million, Local authorities estimated tourist flow from Russia to 7 million people. Maya Lomidze said that the tour operators have opened the booking of tours to Turkey with departure after 10 August on scheduled flights. Download issues will not, she said: the indicator can be provided at the expense of tourists who bought tours to commencement of restrictions.Negotiations on resumption of air links coming from 30 countries, said the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation. As noted by Boris Rybak, the bulk of international shipments from Russia were the countries of Europe. The EU continues to remain closed for the Russian citizens. The head of the Friendly Avia Support company Oleksandr Lanetskiy indicates that EU adopts a decision on the opening of countries once in 15 days, next time — only on August 3. According to mister Fisherman, to return the share of European air travel in the near future is unlikely to be due to the epidemiological situation: Russia ranks fourth in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus, but goes after the US, Brazil and India, the number of population which is much higher.Olga Nikitina, Aleksandra Mertsalova