The popular application Shazam has released a list of preferences of their Russian users in the first half of 2020. In the past six months of our compatriots are most often determined with the song of Belarusian rock group Intelligency “August”. Boris of Drums tells what it means.Shazam is a service developed by Apple Inc. and allowing the user to determine what song is playing next to him at this particular moment. Identify the song with Shazam means to correlate it with a huge library of Apple Music, and not surprisingly, the Shazam charts and the charts of the Apple Music often overlap.Shazam daily handles 25 million requests from 1 billion music fans, installed the app on their smartphones. In Russia, Shazam is one of the most accurate tool for determining the popularity of songs, nearly any of the songs included in the pop charts, somehow figured in the lists of popularity of Shazam, and Shazam often, it is the world. Professionals of the music industry argue that the song included simultaneously in the top ten Russian Shazam in the top 10 of any major post-Soviet countries, automatically enters in the world of chart service. Working here is pure mathematics: the former USSR is simply very large, but still ever-growing music market.The English song “August” Belarusian first group of Intelligency has won strong positions in the world charts service. As reported by “Kommersant” about the Belarusian musical phenomenon (see “Kommersant” on may 19), released in the summer of 2019, the song received new impetus when in the video on YouTube of her dancing Benedict Cumberbatch. Of the ten songs that were played in this video, the audience was the best in that is a fragment of “August”. It began to actively use in TikTok. Our database TikTok songs were not, the authors of the video did not specify the makers of the songs, and the audience was looking for them using Shazam. So “August” thrown into the world of chart Shazam. At the same time on radio, the song did not sound. Radio, contrary to stereotypes, is not a key source of music for Shazam. The leader of Intelligency Vsevolod Dovbnya said in an interview with “Kommersant”: “Shazam you show when your track sounds someone at a party or in the column to the guys in the yard. Then it begin to define, and in the end you get to a chart. For charts closely watched major labels. With a certain amount of “asamov” and after hitting the Shazam chart, you start to call the labels. But radio and TV only the final phase”.After the success of Shazam in the global arena Intelligency has received a contract with major Warner. Was recorded the Russian version of “August”. She not only became the most requested track among Russian users of Shazam, but five weeks lingered in the list of “Top 50 discoveries Shazam”. This list is one of the main benchmarks for the entire musicalth industry, he tells her, one of the young singers the greatest chance to become stars. For example, the most popular dance song in the Russian chart Shazam — “Shut Up Chicken” El Capon — appeared in the list of “Top 50 discoveries Shazam” for two and a half months before it hits the world charts and in two — before falling to second place in Russia.Chart Shazam songs come in different ways. On the second place in Russia — world hit single “Blinding Lights” by canadian artist The Weeknd, who is humpback the entire music industry. And the third song “the Moon does not know the way,” which 16-year-old girl from Vladikavkaz agenda Chirikova recorded, when you hire a local Studio for 500 rubles, and then brought to mind in correspondence with a local celebrity group “Taipan”. Both songs, each in its own field of view, the domestic users of Shazam. Also in the top ten — “Intihask” Hafex, track rapper SAINt JHN “Roses” in the Kazakh Remix DJ of Imanaka, “Falling” Trevor Daniel “Everything I Wanted” Billy Iles, “Disfruto” by Carla Morrison song “Move” another Kazakh Raimbek Baktygereyeva, acting under the stage name Raim.In almost all these cases, an indispensable condition for entering the Shazam charts is the popularity of the track on the platform TikTok. Chinese service short video now is the most effective channel for promoting tracks on the Internet, and for example, the same song Intelligency “August” used on this site more than 347 thousand commercials. So, strictly speaking, the biggest challenge for artists now is not to get into the Shazam chart, and the fact that you have noticed children in the “tictoc”.