It was a dramatic gameplay. On the evening of December 6, Morocco defeated Spain on penalties in the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. But the thoughts of some travelers who boarded a plane from Casablanca in Morocco to Istanbul a little later should not have turned to this game.

They apparently had a desperate plan when flight PC652 took off from Pegasus at around 1:30am on December 7th. The Airbus A321 Neo used with the registration number TC-RBA flew to the northeast as planned, crossing Ibiza and Mallorca, among other places. But halfway between Menorca and Sardinia, the plane suddenly turned away.

The Turkish low-cost airline’s plane briefly steered north and then back west until it was south of Barcelona over the Mediterranean Sea. There the machine turned a few loops and finally landed unscheduled at El Prat Airport.

Spanish media and the AP news agency reported unanimously, citing the Spanish government’s representation in Catalonia, that the A321 Neo landed in Barcelona because a pregnant woman pretended to be about to give birth and to be in labour.

When the woman was taken off the plane at the airport, 27 passengers tried to leave the machine without permission. They sometimes ran onto the apron.

14 of them were arrested, 13 escaped. The woman was examined at the hospital – according to the authorities with the result that she is pregnant but not about to give birth.

She was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Of the 13 passengers arrested, five agreed to reboard and continue to Istanbul.

The other eight are accused of entering Spain illegally. You should leave the country on board another flight. The government representation did not provide any information on the nationality of the people.

This article was written by Timo Nowack

A total of 25 people from the Reich citizen scene were arrested in the nationwide raid. Among them the nobility: Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss has long been known as a Reich citizen and was destined to become head of state.

The government introduces citizen income and thus abolishes the Hartz IV system. Civil servants benefit twice from the salary adjustment. They receive higher salaries and higher pensions. And other civil servants will also benefit from the salary increase.

The original of this article “Shortly after the Airbus emergency landing because of pregnant women, several passengers take off” comes from aeroTelegraph.