Three people were arrested for vandalizing at least 10 businesses in Portland, Oregon, and writing messages in graffiti in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and against the Thanksgiving holiday.

Portland police responded to reports of a group of people dressed in black vandalizing businesses early on Thursday. 

“Grocery stores, banks, an auto service center, a package distribution and mailing center, and local business storefronts were damaged,” police said.

New Seasons vandalized and windows broken. Workers board up the damaged windows from early this morning. Graffitied is “Pequot Massacre, “Give your wealth + land” amongst other messages.

After canvassing the area and speaking to witnesses, three were placed under arrest and booked into the Multnomah County jail, all for criminal mischief. One was carrying a semi-automatic pistol and could face weapons charges at a later date.

Video of the vandalism shows destroyed windows, as well as graffiti messages such as, “BLM,”“Land Back,” and “F**k Thanksgiving.”

“Fu** USA” graffitied on the base of a statue that was toppled in Lone Fir Cemetery sometime this morning. The statue was erected in 1902, in honor of Indian, Spanish-American, Mexican, and Civil War Veterans.

In what appears to be a separate incident of vandalism that occurred on the night before Thanksgiving, a statue in Lone Fir Cemetery memorializing Indian, Spanish-American, Mexican, and Civil War veterans was toppled and hit with graffiti messages by protesters, including a popular sign for the far-left group Antifa, as well as, “F**k USA.”

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