In the Moscow zoo stopped the attempted escape of five young marmots. On Wednesday, July 15, said the press service of the Moscow zoo.

It is noted that the animals were born in April in the Centre of reproduction of rare species of animals located in Volokolamsk district of Moscow region, by July they got stronger and were able to dig the ground under the fence enclosure. Through this tunnel, the groundhogs could easily escape, but the staff in time to stop them.

“Now Arcata feel great and unlike a leisurely parents run around the cage, exploring its underground labyrinths,” — said the press service. In addition, with the cubs watching their mother. “If she thinks kids in danger, it warns them to whistle, and the cubs hide in burrows,” said staff.

The Groundhog is a small animal that lives in North America, and Asia. It eats only plant foods — vegetables and grass, and sometimes nuts. In summer the animals are active: they build their own burrows, prepare food, care for offspring, and in winter in hibernation.

On 13 July it was reported that the branch of the Moscow zoo also had a foal of Przewalski’s horse. It is noted that this red-listed animal, as well as the first cub, born in the center of the reproduction.

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