Traffic on some streets in the South-West of Moscow will be partially restricted from 18 to 20 July. Measures introduced in connection with the change of operating mode in some metro stations on the Sokolnicheskaya line, the press service of the civil code "Center of traffic organization" (TMS).

Passengers on 18 and 19 July will be available four metro stations – "Prokshino", "Filatov lug", "alder" and "project". They will be transferred to the compensation route KM. For smooth movement in the area of the closed stations TMS will make separate lanes, with a length of 7.8 kilometers:

on the access road to the PPR "Salarevo"; highway "Solntsevo – Butovo – Vidnoye" between the Kiev and Kaluga highway, near the metro station "project"; the understudy of the Kaluga highway in the area of the stop surface transport "Metro alder".

"From 18 to 19 July 2020 station "Prokshino", "Filatov lug", "alder" and "project" Sokolniki metro line will be closed for passengers. To carry passengers the compensation would be the route KM. For priority of passage in the South-West of the capital between 5:30 July 18 to 5:00 PM July 20, 2020 will be limited to the movement", – reported the press-service.

Traffic will be restricted on one of the stripes on the alternate road Solntsevo – Butovo – Vidnoye (in front of the projected passage № 907), one of the bands on the projected passage № 5 (front street Klareskog), one of the lanes of the access road to the PPR "Salarevo".

In addition, will be available Parking on the street segment Klareskog from proyektiruyemy proyezd No. 905 to the highway "Solntsevo – Butovo – Vidnoye".

"we Draw attention of the drivers, that the second Congress to the territory of the shopping center "Salaris" when moving from the ramp from Spring street will be closed", – said in the message.

The press service said that all of the information about restrictions of movement transferred to the navigation system, as well as posted on road signs. While TMS during the entire period of restrictions will monitor traffic and if necessary take appropriate action.

"we Ask drivers to be aware of the planned restrictions of movement, to choose routes of a detour, use public transport and leave the cars under the prohibitory signs" – told in the MANAGEMENT.

In the East of Moscow has blocked several streets due to the construction of a Large ring metro line. The movement is limited until December 2020.