If the Boston Celtics win the NBA finals against Golden State, which begins on Friday night, then Joe Johnson will also be part of the championship team. The ex-star was used for two minutes in the season after a three-year break.

At the start of the NBA season, 1304 days after his last game, former All-Star Joe Johnson made his comeback. “Iso Joe” was warmly welcomed by the Celtics home players and also scored his first points in over a three-year hiatus.

Johnson was used for a game and two minutes because the Celtics hardly had any fit players due to a number of corona cases.

It all started for Johnson in Boston when he was selected by the Celtics in the 2001 NBA draft. The 19-year, 305-day gap between two Celtics appearances was not only the longest in NBA history, it was longer than the entire careers of any NBA player except for Vince Carter, Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Willis and Dirk Nowitzki.

Now that the Boston Celtics are in the 2022 NBA Finals, Johnson could actually win his first ring as an NBA champion at the age of 40. Every player who was used for the eventual champion in a season gets this honor.

That would be a pretty cool story indeed.

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