Fifa waiting for many disadvantaged international matches in the autumn. It will be possible to play, it will probably be in empty arenas.

most football matches will probably be played in the 2020 due to the outbreak of the corona virus and the travel restrictions has been introduced in many countries.

said Victor Montagliani, vice-president of The International Football federation (Fifa) and president of The North and central American Football associations (Concacaf), to news agency AP.

There is a need to be able to get settled in the domestic tournaments, and there may be need for more dates to play on in the autumn, when the next season comes later in time than expected.

Fifa has already postponed and cancelled matches up to June, but also the scheduled matches in september, October and november can be dropped, says Fifa.

– Personally, I think that it might be a bit of a challenge. Not only because of the health situation around the world and the various degrees of readiness, but also because of the complications of having to travel internationally, just as soon as we can play again.

– I think that the domestic football tournaments in the countries has highest priority, said Montagliani.

the Canadian do not consider it likely that can be played international football after the summer vacation in several places in the world – including Europe – as things are developing right now.

Thus Denmark’s scheduled matches in the Nations League in autumn, as well as several countries ‘ matches in WORLD cup qualifying, up against the finals in Qatar in 2022 and the danger.

Fifa is working on possible adjustments to the program for the VM-kvalifikationskampene in 2021, says Montagliani.

Montagliani is put in charge of a working group in the FIFA under the auspices of the who must deal with coronakrisens consequences for the soccer ball and deliver a plan going forward.

One of the consequences seems to be the settlement of international matches without spectators in the rest of the 2020.

– If we get the green light to play a football game, so I very much doubt that the first battle will be with the fans. I just don’t see. It will be to take a huge risk, said Montagliani.