Sundhedsembedsmænd in the UNITED states call the emergency virus outbreaks in nursing homes in Virginia “one of the worst eruptions of the corona”.

the 42 residents at a nursing home in the us state of Virginia have lost their lives after a severe outbreak of coronavirus on the spot.

at Least 127 out of the total 163 residents at the Canterbury Rehabilitation and health Care Center, in the county of Henrico County has been tested positive for the virus.

It informs the centre’s director, James Wright.

– It has been hard. We were surprised how quickly it went.

– It is a battle that we sometimes feel that we lose. It is a fight we have to take up each day and night, seven days a week, he says.

Sundhedsembedsmænd in the USA call virusudbruddet at the nursing home, “one of the worst outbreak of the corona virus” and expects there will be more deaths on the spot.

at Least 35 employees in Canterbury have tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, while Wright says that he does not know how many have been sick.

the Virus has aggravated the already existing bemandingsmangel, where some employees refuse to attend work for fear of being sick.

the Situation has become even worse due to a serious lack of personal protective equipment such as face masks and suits.

We were as prepared as we could now. What this virus intends to do is to find a susceptible population and spread rapidly without being detected, says centerdirektøren.

Nationally, more than 23,000 people in the US died with the coronavirus, and more than 577.000 american citizens have tested positive.

Wright blames under-funding of public benefits of the nursing home as one of the reasons why it has gone so wrong.

According to the centerdirektøren, there are a few private rooms, a chronic lack of staff and too little space on the plejehjemmene, so residents are forced close together.